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Adam Davidson
Adam davidson
Position Director
Birthday August 13, 1964

Adam Davidson is an Academy Award winning director who has also worked in front of the camera as an actor. His recent work has mostly been in television as a director. Over the last three seasons of Community he has directed a total of seven episodes including the popular "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design".


Born in 1964, he's a Los Angeles native and son of acclaimed American theatre producer and director Gordon Davidson. His mother, Judi Davidson, is a partner in Davidson & Choy Publicity, an arts and entertainment public relations firm in Los Angeles. His directoral debut was 1990's "The Lunch Date" which won him an Oscar for Best Short Subject as well as the Short Film Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival. He has also acted in several movies including appearances in the 1996 independent film "The Day Trippers" and the 1997 TV-movie "A Match Made in Heaven". Davidson has also directed episodes of "Lost", "Deadwood", "Grey's Anatomy", "United States of Tara" and "Fringe".

Episodes directedEdit

Episode Season Airdate
"Comparative Religion" Season One December 10, 2009
Communication Studies" Season One February 11, 2010
"The Science of Illusion" Season One March 25, 2010
"The Art of Discourse" Season One April 29, 2010
"Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" Season Two November 18, 2010
"Curriculum Unavailable" Season Three May 10, 2012
"Digital Estate Planning" Season Three May 17, 2012

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