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Aerodynamics of Gender
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Director: Tristram ShapeeroWriter: Adam Countee — Aired: November 4, 2010 —Season: Two — Number: Seven
Summary: Britta, Annie, and Shirley abuse Abed's skill at insulting people while Troy and Jeff find serenity.


Damn, that dis made me snarf yo!
Ben Chang
Outside on a basketball court, Troy and Jeff are playing a one-on-one game as Abed watches. Nearby, Britta, Annie, and Shirley are discussing their new Women's Studies course. Pierce arrives and shows off a radio controlled helicopter. Jeff and Troy are dismissive of him causing Pierce to disrupt their game with the helicopter. Jeff throws the ball at it but ends up hitting the table where the women were seated. Annoyed, the three ladies leave for their class and are surprised when Abed decides to join them. Troy wins the game, and in frustration Jeff kicks the ball into the hedges. When Troy goes to retrieve it, he makes a startling discovery.

2 points for hitting the water bottle.
At the women's studies class, Abed arrives before the ladies and secures them seats in the back of the class. They make up an excuse and go to the front of the class to sit away from him. Soon after settling in, three young female students confront them. The new arrivals insist that they give up their seats. Although they refuse at first, the girls become more hostile and insult them. Shirley suggests to Annie and Britta that they take the high road, and they end up in the back row with Abed. Abed asks why they are back, and Shirley explains they were chased off by Meghan and her cronies. When Abed inadvertently shames the three mean girls with insults he impresses Annie, Britta, and Shirley, who invite him to lunch.

Mean girls
The mean girls.
Elsewhere, Jeff looks for Troy, and finds him in a secret garden bouncing away on a trampoline. A Greendale groundskeeper shows up and introduces himself as Joshua. He informs them that this is a place of peace and the trampoline is a tool to reach a state of bliss. They can use it but must follow two rules: the garden must remain a secret and no double bouncing. Jeff tries the trampoline out and experiences the peaceful sensation that bouncing brings. In the student lounge, the study group ladies enjoy Abed's knack for pointing out the imperfections of other students. He leaves to get soda but ends up confronting Meghan at her table in the cafeteria. He uses his newfound smack-talking skills to insult Meghan and her friends, chasing them away. Britta, Annie and Shirley lead the rest of the students in celebrating the fall of the campus mean girls.

Bouncy bouncy
Bouncy, bouncy!
Time flies by in the secret garden where Troy and Jeff are still bouncing away on the trampoline without a care in the world. Back at school, the study group ladies find another victim for Abed to insult. He is reluctant at first but the ladies reassure him that being bad to bad people is okay. In the study room, Pierce is suited up for a game of basketball and challenges Troy and Jeff when they arrive. They decline, still feeling blissed out from all their bouncing. The study group ladies then walk in with Abed in tow. Jeff congenially objects to Britta's new aggressive attitude so she sics Abed on him. He is unfazed by Abed's insults causing Pierce to angrily demand to know how they achieved such a laid-back state. The girls and Abed leave, as does Pierce, who tells Troy and Jeff he will be watching them closely. Troy and Jeff head out for another trampoline session after making sure Pierce isn't around to follow them. But they don't notice that Pierce has used his Draganflyer to see where they went.

2X7 Thses balls on your butts
'"These balls on your butts."'
The ladies find a trio of coeds sitting in their usual sofa in the commons area so Britta insults one girl and they leave. Abed doesn't understand why Britta acted mean to someone who did nothing wrong. Annie tries to explain that they were just joking so if that makes them bitches, then all girls are bitches. Abed processes this new data and concludes that this must mean everyone is indeed a bitch and immediately begins verbally attacking everyone he sees. Elsewhere, Jeff and Troy could not be more relaxed as they rest on the trampoline but the mood is shattered when Pierce bursts through the bushes. He climbs on the trampoline and, not satisfied with bouncing on his own, demands to be double bounced. Troy and Jeff refuse until Pierce threatens to tell everyone about their secret retreat. Reluctantly, Troy climbs onto the trampoline and bounces Pierce so high that he flies over the hedge into a dumpster. Numerous students who witnessed the accident gather as Pierce screams in pain and shouts about the hidden illegal trampoline.

2x07-Shirley Britta Annie HUD bitches
They're all bitches.
Walking through the cafeteria, Abed casually throws out insults at everyone he passes on the way to his seat. He looks up to notice the whole room is staring at him and nobody has taken a seat at any of the adjacent tables. This state of alienation causes him to seek the assistance of Meghan, who he finds in the library. She is suspicious at first but Abed tells her he wants things to go back to normal and hands her index cards containing what he calls “destruct codes.” Outside, construction workers destroy the trampoline and Jeff and Troy see Joshua walking by. He tells them that the trampoline cost him his job but he blames himself for trusting a black guy. He saunters away, leaving a stunned Jeff and Troy, who begin to recall several ambiguous incidents that hinted at Joshua's racism. Jeff wonders if their trampoline hideout was always too good to be true. Pierce rolls up in a wheelchair and suggests that paradise exists “right here” as he holds his hand over his chest. Jeff and Troy smile and leave to get ice cream and don't see Pierce pull out the bottle of medication from where his hand was resting.

2x07-Jeff Joshua maze tatoo
It's going to be a maze.
Meghan and her friends stride into the cafeteria and begin to verbally assault Abed, who is sitting alone. As Meghan's insults continue, others in the cafeteria begins to voice their approval. She finishes by admitting that she acts mean sometimes to boost her own self-esteem but Abed did it to fit in. She walks away to cheers but Shirley, Annie, and Britta witnessed the scene and move to comfort Abed. They apologize for turning into the kind of women they hate and for turning Abed into someone everybody hated. He admits that he got carried away and they all agree to be more forgiving in the future. Jeff and Troy arrive with Pierce who is flying his Draganflyer. Pierce claims that there is a little man controlling the R/C helicopter. The rest of the group witness Pierce talking to the imaginary figure who Pierce hallucinates is telling him to take more pills.

2x07-Annie Abed Britta Shirley nose goes
Who's going to be in charge of making sure he doesn't OD?

End tagEdit

Another "taping" of the "Troy and Abed in the Morning!" show is being held with Star-Burns as their latest guest and Garrett doing the weather report.

Recurring themesEdit


Running gags:Edit

  • A dollop of whipped irony: Troy says "Let me just make sure Pierce isn't hovering around", referring to Pierce's claim he will be watching them all the time. Pierce then proceeds to use a device that hovers around to spy on them, and ruin their secret.
  • Catchphrase: Shirley says, "That's nice," when Abed calls Meghan and her friends "b*tches."
  • Awwww!: Shirley, Britta and Annie love that Abed buys them a round of sodas. They "Awwww" again when he apologizes to them for going out of control.
  • Gay, he's so gay!: Pierce think's Jeff's new boots are gay.
  • Gasp: Annie, Britta and Shirley gasp, first when Meghan's friend insults Annie, and later when Abed insults all three of them.
  • Come sail away!: Troy cries when Pierce wants to be double bounced on the trampoline.
  • Biggest laugh of the night!: Pierce gets double bounced and flies over a hedge and crashes into a dumpster, breaking both legs.
  • Troy and Abed in the mor-ning: Star-Burns is their unwitting guest and Garrett does the weather.
  • Bag-ul: Britta mispronounces RoboCop as Rowboat Cop.
  • Annie's Boobs: Annie says, "Bring it in for a boob bump ladies," when speaking with Shirley and Britta in the beginning of the episode.

Pop culture references:Edit

  • Product placement: Pierce buys himself an expensive Draganflyer RC helicopter which is featured prominently in this episode.
  • IMDB: Abed compares his ability to belittle people to RoboCop's crime fighting.
  • TV Guide: Abed's RoboCop vision reminds him to record Cougar Town.
  • Shout out: Abed describes Tom Cruise as "short and nuts."

Meta references:Edit

  • Résumé: Hilary Duff worked with Chevy Chase in the movie Stay Cool.
  • Use your allusion:


You're like a machine.Annie
Like RoboCop.Abed
Exactly like Rowboat cop. Sharice is a bad rowboat. Sink her.Britta
Are you two ready to shoot the rock after study group? I'm going to slit your butts' throats.Pierce
Tell me how to get this laid back or I'll kill your families!Pierce
Look at your face. It's like your mom was a lizard who got raped by a muppet.Meghan
That burn was brought to you by the letter 'S' as in Snap!Chang
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