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Anthony Edison
Anthony Edison
Portrayed by: Spencer Crittenden
First appearance: "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing"
Occupation: Unknown
Reason for visit: Visiting sister
Family: Mother, Father, Annie Edison (sister), Bubbe (Grandmother)

Is it cool if I poop?
— Anthony Edison, "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing"

Anthony Edison2
Spencer Crittenden as Anthony Edison
Anthony Edison is Annie's younger brother. He has an awkward personality and non sequitur way of speaking which is off putting to most people. However, he is an adept handyman and also capable of providing great insight when least expected. Annie had long resented him for seemingly taking their mother's side in a falling out due to her Adderall addiction. His first appearance was in the Season Five episode "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing". He was portrayed by Spencer Crittenden.


In Annie's fifth year at Greendale, her brother Anthony Edison briefly visited. During his stay he bunked at her and Abed's apartment. He was unaware his sister was hoping he would become a permanent resident. After Troy had moved out earlier in the year, she and Abed were struggling to make rent. Annie extolled his abilities as a handyman and proposed to Abed that Anthony replace him as their roommate. Anthony's disquieting and gauche demeanor made Abed reluctant to agree. Instead he countered that his girlfriend Rachel should be their new roommate. As they debated the issue, Anthony made everyone uncomfortable when he kept chiming in about updates on his need to go to the bathroom.

Later at dinner, Anthony and Annie have dinner at the apartment with Abed and Rachel. Annie tried to portray Anthony as someone who was similar to Abed's sensibilities. She cited the days when they were children that Anthony pretended to travel back in time and also praised him for fixing the kitchen cabinets. Annie and Abed kept secretly lobbying for their roommate candidate until they left the dinner table to sort things out in private. While they were alone, Anthony asked Rachel what she thought happened when people die. When she replied she didn't know, Anthony told her she was lucky. Annie and Abed then returned and asked them if they wanted to play the VCR game "Pile of Bullets". Anthony and Rachel weren't interested but their hosts insisted ending dinner and forcing them into the living room to begin playing.

Before they completely familiarized themselves with the gameplay, Abed inserted the videotape and pressed play. On the recording, a cowboy host confusing explained the rules promoting Anthony to ask what was going on. Anthony was reprimanded by his sister when he declared he wasn't ready after the host was about to officially begin the game. Despite attempts by Anthony to participate, the complex rules made it hard too hard to follow. Anne and Abed's aggressive competitiveness and constant restarting of the game made it hard to enjoy as well. When Rachel siggested they should stop playing, Annie and Abed revealed they were competing for either her or Anthony to be their new roommate. Rachel was upset about Abed manipulations and left. Anthony bluntly let Abed know that he and Rachel were probably broken up now.

The next day, Anthony packed up his things and prepared to leave the apartment. He told Annie that he thought there were some unresolved issues here and she admits this is true. His sister confessed how she had resented him since he sided with their mother after they had a falling out because Annie went into rehab her. Annie had thought that by Anthony moving in she would finally "win" the argument with her mother by having her brother on her side. Anthony replied he was actually referring to the unresolved issues with her and Abed's previous roommate as his absence clearly created some kind of vacuum. He also added angrily that he had nothing to do with what happened between Annie and their mom pointing out he was only thirteen at the time. Annie contritely considered his words as Anthony stormed out of the apartment ("VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing").


On Harmon's podcast "Harmontown" he ends each show playing a session of the game with his guests. The Dungeon Master used in those games is his friend Spencer Crittenden. Spencer worked on Community Season Five as a production assistant and made his acting debut as Anthony Edison.


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