Borchert Hall

  Borchert Hall  

  Purpose : Campus swimming pool  ·  First seen: Advanced Criminal Law  
    ·  Visitors: Greendale students and faculty

Your case will be reviewed and tried tomorrow in disciplinary tribunal at Borchert Hall. You could be facing expulsion.
Dean Pelton and Jeff, "Advanced Criminal Law"

Borchert Hall
Entrance to Borchert Hall
Borchert Hall is a building on campus which houses the school's Olympic sized swimming pool. It is named after Greendale Community College's founder Russell Borchert. like the Luis Guzman statue, it is yet another attempt by Dean Pelton and the board of administrators to seem more like a "real" school. An obscene amount of money was spent to build an Olympic-size swimming pool on campus housed inside the hall which the Dean makes every effort to let everyone know about. Its first indoor appearance was in the Season One episode "Advanced Criminal Law".


Season OneEdit

1x5 Borchert Hall
   "Advanced Criminal Law"
Featuring: Dean Pelton, Ian Duncan, Ben Chang, Jeff and Britta

A disciplinary tribunal is held in the hall for Britta who was caught cheating on Señor Chang's Spanish exam.

Season TwoEdit

2x5 Borchert Hall
   "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"
Featuring: Shirley and Dean Pelton

Shirley and Dean text drive up to the doors of Borchert Hall in his Prius and encounter The Hipsters while entering the Library.

2x12 Borchert Hall
   "Asian Population Studies"
Featuring: Jeff and Andre Bennett

The entrance to Borchert Hall can be seen after Jeff's conversation with Andre.

Season ThreeEdit

3x17 Borchert Hall
   "Basic Lupine Urology"
Featuring: Troy and Abed, Jeff and Annie, unnamed man and woman

As Jeff, Annie, Abed and Troy discuss the case of their murdered yam, a woman is seen exiting Borchert Hall. She is wiping her mouth as a man follows her outside while zipping up his pants.

Season FourEdit

4x7 Borchert Hall
   "Economics of Marine Biology"
Featuring: Jeff and Pierce, Dean Pelton, Britta and Annie, Archie DeCoste

The halls entrance is seen in the background as a welcoming committee awaits the arrival of prospective student Archie DeCoste.

Season FiveEdit

5x3 Borchert Hall
   "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"
Featuring: Jeff and Annie

Jeff and Annie comfort each other after learning of Pierce's death.


Borchert Hall has not only an Olympic-size swimming pool but also a judges' booth that cost the school 6,000 dollars according to Dean Pelton. It also has lockers and showers available for student and faculty use. The entrance to the pool can be seen in various episodes throughout the seasons as it is located in front of the back entrance to the school's library.


According to GCTV, during the 2011 School Presidential Election, Borchert Hall was part of the 49% that supported Annie Edison.

The entrance to Borchert Hall seen in various episodes is actually a redressed entranceway to Paramount Stage 27. This set is located directly across from Paramount Stage 31 where "Community" is filmed.

Stage 27
Paramount Stage 27


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