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Christmas toys
Britta Bot close up
Britta Bot
Portrayed by: Gillian Jacobs
First appearance: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"
Home town: Planet Abed
Occupation: wind up robot
Family: Marcus

Bleep, bloop!
— Britta Bot

Britta Bot
Britta Bot is Abed's re-imagining of what Britta would be like as an animated Christmas character. Britta thinks her cartoon form is the result of Abed believing that she's "progressive and kick-ass". On the other hand, Shirley believes it's because she's "heartless and godless".She makes her first and only appearance in "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas".

Character historyEdit

After Abed has what appears to be an emotional breakdown of some kind, Britta and Jeff stage an intervention for him headed up by Professor Ian Duncan and attended by the rest of the study group. Duncan convinces Abed to undergo hypnosis in order to get to the root of his problem. While he is under, he imagines that everyone has been transported to another world, "Planet Abed", where they all transform into Christmas cartoon characters. In Abed's mind, Britta has become Britta Bot. Abed wants the group to journey to the North Pole, so they can discover the true meaning of Christmas. Duncan suggests a shortcut to the destination and steers the group into the direction of the "Cave of Frozen Memories".

The group makes it to the cave but only after having lost two members of the group, Jeff-in-the-box and Baby Shirley along the way. When they get there, Duncan tries to manipulate Abed into revealing the cause of his earlier actions. Abed manages to turn the tables on him and gets Duncan to remember a painful childhood memory which causes him to leave. Abed then sets the cave to self destruct and warns the others that only those who are looking for the true meaning of Christmas are allowed on the rest of the journey; anyone else who was tryng to help Duncan is not invited. He shows Troy Soldier, Ballerannie and Teddy Pierce the escape route but stops Britta Bot from joining. He tells her that she should have had more faith in him and that she's not allowed to come with them. He sings her out with this song:

Britta-Bot programmed badly, wires with fraying ends. Functioning mad and sadly, no faith in herself, or friends...

He leaves her in the cave as it self destructs and joins the rest of his friends on a train to the North Pole. Eventually makes it there along with the last study group member to survive the journey, Teddy Pierce. Upon entering Santa's workshop they find it abandoned and deserted. Teddy Pierce helps Abed find a Christmas present that was left behind. Inside the package side is a DVD of the TV show "Lost" and Abed correctly assumes that it's a metaphor for his quest; all build up with little pay-off. The Christmas Wizard then arrives and forces Abed to confront the real reason behind his actions. Professor Duncan found a card from Abed's mother in his dorm room telling him she won't be seeing him this Christmas breaking their yearly tradition of watching cartoons together.

Abed goes into a catatonic state when confronted with this, literally freezing in place which causes the sudden return of the rest of the study group. They denounce Duncan's assertion that Christmas is at fault for Abed's condition due to unrealistic expectations. The study group asserts that Christmas is the time of the year for hope, and they can make that belief a reality by supporting each other. Duncan scoffs at this notion and the study group decide to make their point more clear by attacking him with "Christmas weapons". Baby Shirley suggests they sing a song while doing this and asks Britta Bot to start it off:

Ummm...Christmas time is the time to sing, that's what Christmas is for!

–Britta Bot

Abed starts to thaw as this is happening responding to his friends fighting for him. Ballerannie finshes off The Christmas Wizard by using the Christmas Pterodactyl against him. Abed and the group then "return" to the study room and they decide to uphold his yearly tradition with his mom and watch Christmas cartoons togther in Abed's dorm room.


Dan Harmon from the Season 2 DVD commentaries on why Britta is a robot:

"Every character shares some aspect — is based on an aspect of the writer, eventually. … I’ve been told several times by therapists … my childhood … kind of fried the circuitry in my heart which is why I have trouble with relationships. That’s why [Britta is] a robot."

Britta Bot figurineEdit

A series of figurines was officially based on the animated characters featured in this episode. The alternate forms of most of the study group members made up the assortment along with The Christmas Wizard. They were sold exclusively online at the NBC store and each figurine retailed for $12.95. They have since been discontinued and are no longer available on the site.


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