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Britta Season Five.jpg
Britta Perry
aka "The Worst"
Portrayed by: Gillian Jacobs
First appearance: Pilot
Date of birth: October 19,1980
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Major: Psychology
Occupation: Bartender and Manager at Shirley's Sandwiches
Family: George Perry (Father), Deb Perry (Mother), Brothers, Marcus (nephew)


I peed alone my whole life...women have always hated me... I don't even know how it started.
— Britta Perry

Britta Season five pose
Britta as portrayed by Gillian Jacobs

Britta Perry is a graduate of Greendale Community College. She was born in Riverside, Colorado in October 1980 to George and Deb Perry. Britta has two older brothers, one of whom works with children with some type of special disorder in a hospital. On her eleventh birthday, an eager-handed man in a dinosaur costume intruded in on her party at a restaurant; this event has haunted her into adulthood. She dropped out of high school because she thought it would impress Radiohead and joined a group of anarchists who vandalized billboards. She was successful at recruiting new members but was kicked out for not being anarchist enough. She joined the Peace Corps, did some foot modeling, attended a world-trade rally where she was tear-gassed, and visited Africa. One day, Britta woke up and realized she was "almost thirty and flat broke," thus prompting her to enroll at Greendale to find some direction. During her time at Greendale she became close friends with a Spanish study group she joined and even had romantic relationships with two of its members. She completed four years at school and left her friends and the academic world behind finding employment as a bartender. Some time after graduating, she later unexpectedly reunited with her study group at Greendale. Britta ultimately decided to re-enroll to pursue her original goal of earning a Psychology degree. Along with her old study group buddies, Britta would later join a special organization dedicated to improving the school called the "Save Greendale Committee".


Britta's claims that other girls have always hated her ("Football, Feminism and You"), and Abed estimates that over 50% of the people who meet her don't like her ("Communication Studies"). Although she aspires to be selfless she is prone to be vain and hypocritical in her actions ("Contemporary American Poultry"), ("Advanced Criminal Law"). Despite her best efforts, when she tries to do good it will usually backfire on her ("Debate 109"). She is distrustful of large organizations, particularly government and religion (she has identified herself as an atheist ("Comparative Religion"). Britta's constant rants against such institutions annoys everyone in the study group who consider her a buzz-kill ("The Science of Illusion"). She attempts to appear progressive and cool but often comes off as misinformed and pretentious ("Early 21st Century Romanticism"). Her mispronunciation of certain words has caused her to be referred to as "the worst" and made her the butt of many jokes ("Physical Education"). She has a hipster mentality and scorns anything conventional or popular ("The Art of Discourse"). Britta loves cats and has had several including Suzie B who became ill and died whom she later replaced with Daniel who has only one eye ("The Art of Discourse"). Romantically she found herself drawn to men who are damaged in some way; she admited it's because she hated herself that she did this ("The Psychology of Letting Go").
443851-community s2 gillian jacobs 001
Britta S2 chalkboard

Character historyEdit

Season OneEdit

You're like Jodie Foster or Susan Sarandon; you'd rather keep it real than be likeable.

Annie complimenting Britta,"Spanish 101"

In the cafeteria, Britta is aproached by Jeff, who claimed to be a "board certified tutor", and invited to join his Spanish study group. She agreed and told Abed who later invited other students from the class. Although Jeff is revealed to be a fraud and kicked out of the study session, Britta and the study group take pity on him and allow him to return. She initially attempts to keep everyone in the group in line, especially Jeff, but by the end off the year abandons her role as the voice of reason. Thanks to Shirley she gets more in touch with her feminine side while Pierce provides her unorthodox help she manages to kick her smoking habit She briefly dates Vaughn Miller but it ends badly after she unwittingly allows Jeff to make public a private poem he wrote for her. Throughout the year, Jeff and Britta have continuing romantic tension during the semester. When Jeff started dating Professor Michelle Slater she starts to question how she really feels about him. After they break up, Britta and Jeff finally consummate their relationship during a campus paint ball assassination game. At the end of the school year, Britta gets into a competition with Michelle Slater for Jeff's affections which escalates into her publicly declaring her love for Jeff at the "Tranny Dance".

Significant episodes:

"Spanish 101': Britta encourages Shirley and Annie to a have a protest against Gautamala in honor of journalist who was killed by the government there but is doesn't like the tacky way they go about promoting the cause.

"Social Psychology": Britta's relationship with Vaughn Miller is discovered by Jeff.

"Advanced Criminal Law": Britta cheats on a Spanish exam and Jeff has to defend her for her actions at a school tribunal.

"Football, Feminism and You": Shirley teaches Britta the importance of female bonding when going to the women's restroom together

"Debate 109": Britta patronizes Pierce and lets him try and help her quit smoking through hypnosis.

"The Politics of Human Sexuality": Shirley and Britta help Annie break into the Deans office so she can get a good look at a anatomically correct statue she is supposed to put a condom on as part of a presentation at the STD Fair.

"Communication Studies": Britta sends a drunk voice mail to Jeff laced with "B.C.I.".

"Interpretive Dance": Britta and Troy discover that they are both secretly taking dance classes.

"Basic Genealogy": Britta learns from Troy and his grandmother Nana Barnes what a switch is.

"The Science of Illusion": Britta's April Fool joke on Chang goes horribly wrong.

"The Art of Discourse": Jeff and Britta team up to takedown some obnoxious High Schoolers.

"Modern Warfare": Jeff and Britta sexual tension escalates while the college campus becomes a warzone due to a Paintball assassination game for the ultimate prize.

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited": Britta and Slater compete for Jeff's affections at the end of the school year Tranny Dance.

Season TwoEdit

Feast your ear tongues on these memory pops!

–Britta, "Paradigms of Human Memory"

In Britta's second year at Greendale, she and the study group are taking Anthropology 101. She unexpectedly finds herself to be a celebrity on campus due to her public declaration of love for Jeff at the Tranny Dance. Enjoying her fame, she entered into a " love" competition with Jeff in order to keep it going. After learning Annie had kissed Jeff, the two try to mend their friendship by trying to raise funds for a charity together. She also helps Shirley film a religious viral video and celebrates Troy's birthday with the group at The Ballroom. Led by Britta, the women of the group take a women's studies course together only to be bullied by Meghanand her mean girl pack. During Christmas she organized a psychological intervention to help Abed. Later,she dated a foreign student who had a dark past, made friends with a supposed lesbian and took an acting class with Troy where she briefly became attracted to him. It's revealed throughout the year Britta and Jeff had a secret affair. They quit soon after their tryst is exposed by Abed. Britta and Shirley team up at the end of the year to launch a final assault on the City college invaders who injected themselves into Greendales annual paintball competition.

Significant episodes:

"Anthropology 101": The fall out from the events of last years Tranny Dance has Britta and Jeff competing against each other in a game of romantic one-upmanship.

"The Psychology of Letting Go':Britta and Annie team up to raise money for a recent oil spill.

"Aerodynamics of Gender": At a women's studies class that Britta, Annie and Shirley are attending they run across a pack of mean girls led by Meghan.

"Cooperative Calligraphy": Britta and the study group search for Annie's missing pen in Group Study Room F.

"Mixology Certification": Britta, Jeff and Troy mock Shirley's alcoholic past.

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": Britta insists that Abed see a therapist after he has a mental breakdown that led to him being tased.

"Early 21st Century Romanticism": Britta and her new friend Page mistakenly believe that the other one is gay and decide to attend the Valentine's Day dance together.

"Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy ": Britta starts dating a friend of Troy and Abed named Lukka who she learns has a very dark past.

"Competitive Wine Tasting ": Britta and Troy take an acting class together taught by Professor Garetty.

"Paradigms of Human Memory": Jeff and Britta's year long secret affair is exposed by Abed to the study group.

"The Science of Illusion": Britta's April Fool joke on Chang goes horribly wrong.

"The Art of Discourse": Jeff and Britta team up to takedown some obnoxious High Schoolers.

"Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts": When Shirley goes into labor during Anthropology class, Britta steps up and helps her deliver the baby.

"For A Few Paintballs More ": In the end of the year Paintball assassination game, Britta and Shirley are the last of the remaining students alliance fighting against the invading City College Storm Troopers.

Season ThreeEdit

You're monsters! You're Hitlers! You're racist pedophiles! You're the opposites of Batman!

–Britta, "Origins of Vampire Mythology"

In Britta's third year at Greendale, the study group and her are taking Biology 101 together and she finally decides on a major: Psychology. Throughout the year, she struggles with several romantic troubles including the return of an ex-boyfriend, a forbidden love and her feelings for Troy. Near the end of the year she and the study group are expelled from Greendale because of Ben Chang. Although she and the study group manage to overthrow Chang's campus regime, she is forced to say goodbye to Troy when he has to sever all ties to his friends and join the Greendale A/C school. Her attempts to help Abed get over the loss of his friend by having a therapy session with him goes wrong after an encounter with his Evil Abed persona. She soon gets over her dejection that she was unable to help Abed when Troy returns to the study group after he being freed from his obligation to the Air conditioning school. She happily welcomes him back and later helps him move back into his apartment.

Significant episodes:

"Biology 101": When Britta's plan to introduce a TV series called "Inspector Spacetime" to Abed succeeds, Britta reveals to the group that she is going to major in Psychology and become a therapist.

"Geography of Global Conflict": Britta decides to try and relive her activist days by becoming the nemisis of the new campus security guard Ben Chang.

"Remedial Chaos Theory": In several timelines, Britta attempts to sing the song "Roxanne" but is stopped by Jeff causing her to go smoke a joint in the bathroom.

""Competitive Ecology": Britta uses her lighter to set fire to a piece of paper containing information on the study group that could ruin their friendship forever.

"Advanced Gay": Britta tries to caution Jeff about his "Edible Complex".

"Studies in Modern Movement": Britta's picks up an unbalanced hitchhiker while driving Shirley to Troy and Abed's apartment.

"Regional Holiday Music": Abed uses Britta's inability to sing to wreck the Chrismas pageant he and the study group were tricked into participating in by "Mr. Rad" .

"Contemporary Impressionists": Britta tries to warn Jeff about his overuse of anti-anxiety medication.

"Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts": Britta is repulsed when she discovers she has party planning skills while planning Shirley's wedding to Andre Bennett.

"Digital Exploration of Interior Design": Britta falls for a corporate spokesperson called Subway.

"Pillows and Blankets": Britta tries unsuccessfully to take photos of the conflict between Troy's Blanket fort and Abed's Pillow Town.

link title "Origins of Vampire Mythology"; Britta asks for Annie's help in avoiding her ex-boyfriend Blade.

"Virtual Systems Analysis": On Annie's insistence, Britta and Troy go on a lunch date at Señor Kevin's.

"Course Listing Unavailable": Britta attempts to provide grief counseling for the study group when Star-Burns dies.

"First Chang Dynasty": Britta and Jeff go undercover as Ricky Nightshade and his goth assistant to infiltrate a Chang controlled Greenndale and is later forced to bid a tearful farewell to Troy.

"Introduction to Finality": Britta's has a therapy session with Abed to help him deal with Troy being gone only to be confronted by Evil Abed who crushes her spirit.

Season FourEdit

Oh man! So this is what the zone feels like! Analyze THIS!

–Britta, "Paranormal Parentage"

In Britta's fourth year at Greendale, she and Troy were now in a relationship. Even more focused on her psychology studies, she attempted to try and help Jeff deal with his daddy issues. She invited herself to his reunion with his dad on Thanksgiving and also tried to therapize Jeff's half-brother Willy Jr.. She assisted Abed in his documentary on Chang/Kevin dealing with his amnesia and also organized a successful Sadie Hawkins dance at school that she renamed the Sophie B Hawkins dance. Midway through the year she mistook a Troy and Abed "body-swap" as their usual shenanigans. It wasn't until Abed (still pretending to be Troy) revealed the truth: Troy was going to break up with her. Before he could do this for his friend, Troy stepped in and did it himself. He told Britta he felt they were better off as friends to which she reluctantly agreed. On Jeff's graduation day he confided to Britta his worries about how his leaving would affect the group. Despite Britta's assurances they would be fine, Jeff's anxieties manifested itself as a daydream involving the Evil Study Group, including Evil Britta. Jeff eventually overcame his fears of the future and Britta along with the rest of the group attended his graduation ceremony.

Significant episodes:

"History 101": Britta dn Troy are now in a relationship and get into a fight while doing a ritual Troy and Abed do at the start of the school year.

"Paranormal Parentage": Britta and the study group try to rescue Pierce who is trapped in a panic room inside his mansion.

"Conventions of Space and Time": Britta and Troy attend the Inspector Spacetime convention with Abed and the rest of the study group.

"Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations": Brtta helps deal with his reunion with hi father William Winger on Thanksgiving Day.

"Basic Human Anatomy": A "body swap" between Troy and Abed brings to light some hard truths on the anniversary of Troy and Britta's first date.

Season FiveEdit

Knock, knock! Who's there bitch?! FLOOR!! FL-O-O-O-O-O-OR!!!

–Britta after knocking Jeff into the "lava", "Geothermal Escapism"

After graduation, Britta became a bartender. Once Jeff accepted a job at Greendale as a Law professor, Britta and most of the study group re-enrolled . She was intent on getting a degree in Psychology. Later, she joined a special "Save Greendale Committee along with the rest of the study group. One of her first assignments was to help a returning Ian Duncan put together a psychological profile on a campus menace terrorizing the school. Upon learning of Pierce Hawthorne's death, Britta joined the study group in mourning the passing of their friend. A man named Mr.Stone, acting under instructions from Pierce's will, gave the group a polygraph test. For her participation, Britta is bequeathed a used iPod nano from Pierce and told that he was always inspired by her passion. During a campus wide "Hot Lava" competition, Britta tried to get Abed to confront his feelings regarding Troy leaving school to accept an amazing opportunity. Later, Britta pulled a prank on Abed after he ruined the ending of TV show she hadn't watched yet. Duncan comforts Britta when she has an unpleasant reunion with old anarchist buddies. After an app becomes the latest fad, Britta led a rebellion against the society it spawned on campus. When cleaning out a storage room the Committe discovered some valuable merchandise and got Britta to contact a fence she knew to help them move it. She and the committee also helped Buzz Hickey reconnect with his son Hank through a game of Dungeons & Dragons. When Greendale was about to be sold to the Subway corporation, Jeff and Britta try to cope with the situation by becoming engaged. The two reluctantly join the rest of the committee on a desperate quest to save the school. After the sale of the school is stopped, Britta and Jeff call off the marriage.

Significant episodes:

"Repilot": The study group unites for a fifth year at Greendale. Britta decides to continue pursuing a degree in Psychology.

"Cooperative Polygraphy": Pierce bequeaths Britta a used iPod nano and a canister of his sperm.

"Geothermal Escapism": Britta tries to get Abed to deal with his feelings regarding Troy's imminent departure from Greendale.

"Analysis of Cork-Based Networking": Britta manages to spoil the upcoming plot of Abed's latest TV obsession.

"Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality": Britta encounters her old anarchist friends, and feels inferior to them.

"App Development and Condiments": Britta finds out that people listen to her more when she has mustard on her face, because it distracts from her intensity.

"VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing": Britta helps Shirley, Jeff, and Hickey sell textbooks.

"Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Britta tries to help Hickey reconnect with his son in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

"G.I. Jeff": Britta plays Buzzkill in Jeff's hallucination.

"Basic Story": Britta and Jeff get engaged after they find out that Greendale is being sold to Subway.

"Basic Sandwich": Britta helps the gang save Greendale, and she and Jeff mutually break up once they actually end up saving it.


In the study groupEdit

Jeff (See main article "Jeff and Britta")
Jeff and Britta were the first major pairing, romantic or otherwise, on Community. A clear love/hate dynamic was established between the two with Jeff's aggressive pursuit of Britta romantically in the beginning of Season One. Although Jeff created the study group as a means to impress her, he eventually forms a close bond with all of them including Britta. Initially, they felt a sense of responsibility towards the other members of the study group and considered themselves to be their "Greendale parents". They have since abandoned those roles and just become friends with them. Although they eventually became lovers, they ultimately decided they were better off just being friends.
Jeff and Britta spying
Notable appearances:

"Pilot", "Advanced Criminal Law", "Modern Warfare", "Paradigms of Human Memory"

Troy (See main article "Troy and Britta")
Troy and Britta bonded in their first year at Greendale when they learned they were taking dancing classes and keeping it a secret from the rest of study group. Troy had a crush on Britta ("Romantic Expressionism") but she remained oblivious much like Troy was to Annie's crush on him. Britta later kissed Troy when he lied about a traumatic childhood trauma but she later claims it was a mistake ("Competitive Wine Tasting"). She reciprocated his feelings during their junior year after realizing how deep his affection for her was ("Origins of Vampire Mythology"). They dated in their fourth year at school but broke up after Troy realized he wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet ("Basic Human Anatomy").
Britta kiss troy
Notable appearances:

"Interpretive Dance", "Competitive Wine Tasting", "Introduction to Finality", "Conventions of Space and Time", "Basic Human Anatomy"

Shirley and Britta have a strong friendship and mutual respect for each other. Despite the fact that the younger study group member is an Atheist and Shirley is a devout Christian they normally get along quite well. However, the differences will occasionally put a strain on their relationship. Britta will sometimes go too far in teasing Shirley about her beliefs usually because she gets annoyed with all the sermonizing. Nevertheless, both are always there for each other when they need support; Britta set aside her own feelings about Shirley's ex-husband and supported her friend when the couple decided to reunite and Shirley helped Britta sort through her feelings for Jeff. The bond they share was highlighted when they naturally gravitated towards each other when the study group needed to be split into pairs for Biology lab partners.

When Shirley relocates to Atlanta to care for her father, Britta takes over management of Shirley's Sandwiches.

Shirley and Britta S3
Notable appearances:

"Football, Feminism and You", "Aerodynamics of Gender", "Competitive Ecology", "Studies in Modern Movement"

Annie (See main article "Britta and Annie")
Britta and Annie are initially not as close to each other as they are with other members of the study group. The relationship between the two women fluctuated over the years resulting in some differing extremes. Most of the time they have had an almost sisterly friendship and are supportive and are protective of each other. However, there were a few occasions that feelings of jealousy between the pair arose. These conflicts occurred mostly due to their seemingly similar taste in men, particularly Vaughn and Jeff. Recently they have moved past these issues and formed a more solid friendship. Annie has even been instrumental in helping Britta in her budding relationship with Troy.
IJ Buddy's fantasy
Notable appearances:

"The Politics of Human Sexuality", "Romantic Expressionism, "Aerodynamics of Gender", "The Psychology of Letting Go"

Britta tends to take a more maternal role towards Abed and worries about his obsession with pop-culture and inability to distinguish reality from fantasy. On several occasions she has tried to protect him coming to his defense when his father tried to stop his interest in filmmaking  and also attempting to prevent him from being kicked out of school after he seemingly had a nervous breakdown at school . In study group's third year at Greendale together, Abed eventually admits to having problems and needing therapy. He asks Britta, who had declared psychology as her major, to help him deal with his issues.
Horror Fiction 7
Notable appearances:

"Introduction to Film", "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps", "Introduction to Finality"

Britta, like the rest of the study group, tolerates Pierces racist and boorish behavior as much as possible. Often he will imply or outright call Britta a lesbian much to her annoyance. In general, Britta tends to feel sorry for Pierce although his attitude makes that difficult. She even attempted to make him feel better by participating in hypnotherapy sessions with him . Pierce on occasion has stood up for Britta, telling Vaughn to lay off her when he wrote a song about her and was shown to be supportive of her when he thought she was coming out of the closet after she befriended a supposedly lesbian student. He also made sure a dance she organized at school was successful by getting Sophie B. Hawkins to perform.
Pierce and Britta
Notable appearances:

"Debate 109", "Early 21st Century Romanticism", "Herstory of Dance"

Other notable relationshipsEdit

Vaughn Miller
In her first year at Greendale, Britta briefly had a relationship with Vaughn Miller, a hacky-sack playing free spirit that Jeff derogatorily referred to as a hippie. His carefree and non-conformist outlook on life appealed to Britta at the time and she began dating him secretly so as not to hurt Jeff's feelings. After Jeff finds out they are dating, Britta tries to remain good friends with Jeff and even shares with him w problem she has with Vaughn. He wrote her a love poem which she had no idea how to react to it. Jeff takes a photo of the poem and shows it to Shirley and eventually the rest of the study group. After Vaughn finds the group mocking him and his poem he immediately breaks up with Britta. He later writes a song, "Gettin' Rid of Britta", to get back at her.
Britta and Vaughn
Notable appearances:

"Social Psychology", "Home Economics", "Romantic Expressionism"

In Britta's third year at Greendale, she meets a human representation of the sandwich franchise also called Subway. The two find that they can't fight their mutual attraction to each other. It becomes a "forbidden romance" as his contract with the corporation doesn't won't allow it. Their tryst is revealed to Subway's boss by Shirley and Pierce who had secretly recorded their last rendezvous. When the recording shows that a deviant sex act occurred, Subway is fired and stripped of his identity (his real name is Rick). After being taken away by corporate security, Britta later runs into his replacement who assumes "Rick"'s role and tells her he can't see her anymore.
DEOID Star crossed lovers
Notable appearances:

"Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

In her junior year at school, Britta learns that an ex-boyfriend named Blade had returned. She asked for Annie's help to keep her away from him as he had a weird charisma she found irresistible. Later Jeff - having investigated Blade on his own - reveals to her the source of his charm: brain damage. The part of his brain which felt shame was destroyed in a freak accident; as a result he no longer cares what people think of him. That sort of attitude is irresistible to those that hate themselves like Britta does. Learning this about her ex-boyfriend makes Britta realize she was falling into harmful old patterns. It's then that she starts to consider Troy, who she realized had genuine feelings for her, as a serious romantic possibility.
Blade at the carnival
Notable appearances:

"Origins of Vampire Mythology"

Class historyEdit

Student Rec
Student Name: Britta Perry Major: Psychology Enrolled: 2009 — 2014
Semester Course Instructor Enrolled Students
Fall 2009 Chemistry Prof. Baker Shirley Bennett and Britta Perry
Spanish 101 Señor Ben Chang Buddy Austin, Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Abed Nadir, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry, Toby and Jeff Winger
Tap Dance Madame LeClair Britta Perry
Unknown 2009-10 Sociology Unnamed professor Britta Perry and Sharice
Spring 2010 Sailing Admiral Lee Slaughter Shirley Bennett, Troy Barnes, Pierce Hawthorne, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne and Britta Perry
Spanish 102 Señor Ben Chang,
Dr. Escodera
Buddy Austin, Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Abed Nadir, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry and Jeff Winger
Tap Dance Madame LeClair Britta Perry
Fall 2010 Anthropology 101 Prof. June Bauer,
Dr. Ian Duncan
Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Abed Nadir, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry and Jeff Winger
Feminist Representations in Media Unnamed professor Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Abed Nadir, Britta Perry and Meghan
Photography Unnamed professor Britta Perry
Spring 2011 Anthropology 102 Dr. Ian Duncan Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Ben Chang, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Fat Neil, Rich Stephenson, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Britta Perry and Jeff Winger
The Actor Inside Prof. Sean Garrity Troy Barnes, Vicki Jenkins, Garrett Lambert and Britta Perry
Fall 2011 Biology 101 Prof. Marshall Kane Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Todd Jacobson, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Magnitude, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger and  Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne 
Psychology Unnamed professor Britta Perry
Spring 2012 Biology Prof. Marshall Kane Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Todd Jacobson, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Magnitude, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger and  Fat Neil 
Introduction to Human Psychology Dr. Ian Duncan Britta Perry
Premenopausal Postfeminist Experiential Marketing Unnamed professor Britta Perry and Subway
Fall 2012/
Spring 2013
History Prof. Noel Cornwallis Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Lukas, Karl, Abed Nadir, Britta Perry, Reinhold and Jeff Winger
"Summer-Winter" semester (2012/13) Astronomy Unnamed professor Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Abed Nadir and Britta Perry
Major: Psychology Re-Enrolled: 2014? — present
Semester Course Instructor Enrolled Students
Fall 2014? Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad? Prof. Sean Garrity Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Abed Nadir and Britta Perry


"Bag-el" - 1x17

"DUH-DOY!" - 1x22


"Hit me with your genie's bottle, rub it all over me!" - 2x18

"Together my cats can do anything!" - 2x22

"Pizza pizza, go in tummy, me so hungee, me so hungee!" - 3x04

"Me so Christmas, me so merry!" - 3x10


S1-Britta Perry
  • Britta's favorite movie is Sixteen Candles.
  • Britta has visited 14 countries, including Kenya and The Netherlands.
  • Above all, Britta values honesty.
  • Britta pronounces bagel as "baggle".
  • Britta has a sibling that works with kids with a mental disorder.
  • In the Community College Chronicles, Britta is played by Sara Flack.
  • People use her name to mean "screwed something up."
  • Owns two one-eyed cats, one named "Daniel" and another named "Walter"
  • Britta is of Swedish heritage. The name Britta is a variant of the Swedish name Birgitta. 
  • Britta used to live in New York, a fact she mentions often.
  • Britta is implied to be a terrible singer, although she is shown to sing decently when attracted to men when she met Lukka in ep 2X18.
  • The group constantly tells her that she's "the worst" when she says something in relation to her studies, activism, tries to resolve a fight, or when she sings. However the group have also been protective of her on this matter, and come to her defense when Mr Rad calls her 'the worst' during the christmas pageant.
  • Introduced Abed to the Inspector Spacetime TV series.
  • Britta has been shown kissing all the male members of the study group except Pierce. Jeff (in "Introduction to Film", "Modern Warfare", and "Antropology 101"), Troy (in "Competitive Wine Tasting") and Abed (in Abed's scary story from "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps").
  • Britta's drivers license says she was born 21 June 1982, although Abed says that her birthday is in October during the Pilot.
  • In the "The Art of Disclose" it says she uses an ipod nano in 2014 the same one Pierce gives to her


Britta Perry Says "Bagel" Wrong01:54

Britta Perry Says "Bagel" Wrong

Britta pronounces Bagel wrong, hilarity ensues.

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