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Brooks Memorial Hospital

  Brooks Memorial Hospital  

  Purpose : Health care institution  ·  First seen: "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"  
  Employees: Nurse  ·  Visitors: Pierce Hawthorne (patient), The Study Group, LeVar Burton

Over the last few weeks it's become apparent how little respect this study group has for me. So I've summoned them here to exact my revenge
Pierce, "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"

The Brooks Memorial Hospital is a Medical health care institution. Located in Greendale county, it provides state of the art provide medical care. The hospital treated Pierce Hawthorne in 2011 after he had an accidental overdose. On the same day, a student documentary film crew recorded footage for a project they were working on and the facility was visited by actor LeVar Burton. Its first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking".


In their second year at Greendale, the study group arrived at Brooks Memorial Hospital after being informed that Pierce had collapsed from an overdose of his prescription pain medication. A nurse sent them to his room where he was recovering and Pierce lied to the group about being on his deathbed. This was all part of an elaborate plan he had to get revenge on the study group. He blamed them for what happened and for not treating him with the respect he felt he deserved. Pierce enlisted the help of the hospital and it's staff including the nurse.


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