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Student ID
Buddy Austin
Portrayed by: Jack Black
First appearance: Investigative Journalism
Date of birth: Unknown
Home town: Riverside, Colorado
Major: Event Planning
Occupation: Unknown

Spanish studyin' is better when your Buddy-in a-a-a-round Y-E-E-A-A-H!

Buddy is a student at Greendale who was a classmate of the study group during their first year attending the school. He attempts to join the group but makes a horrible first impression. He lists being a "chubby agile guy" and also his tasty lemon squares as assets he can bring to the group. His first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "Investigative Journalism". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Jack Black.

Character historyEdit

In the study group's first year at school together, they return after Winter break and are startled when another student snuck his way into their first meeting of the semester. Introducing himself as Buddy, he tells them that he is in their Spanish class but no one recognizes him except for Abed. Buddy isn't surprised no one remembers him and explains he has a tendency to blend into the background. To prove his claim he mentions a few events from the study groups recent history that he himself witnessed. These events include Jeff and Pierce doing their Spanish presentation and receiving an "F" from Chang ("Spanish 101"), Britta admitting she cheated on an exam ("Advanced Criminal Law"), and a bubble bath fight between Britta and Annie which he quickly admits he probably daydreamed.

IJ Buddy's delusion
Buddy's daydream

The group starts to become uncomfortable with him present and Buddy efforts to diffuse the awkwardness makes it worse. Annie tries to get him to leave by insisting that this meeting was an informal get together just for the group to catch up with each other. Buddy doesn't get the hint and instead states that he is already familiar with the group and would like to join them. He then attempted to pal around with Jeff who was nonchalant about the situation having resolved earlier to act more laid back for the semester. Everyone else was still unsure about the idea of Buddy joining the group. Later in the Spanish classroom, Buddy enthusiastically calls out to the group after class is over. Much to their dismay, Buddy lets them know he will join them later for the study session.

At the study group meeting, Buddy thanks the group for giving him this opportunity. Britta then starts to go over a few Spanish notes when she is interrupted by Buddy who makes a lame joke. Annie tries to refocus on their studies when Buddy interrupts again. He breaks into an impromptu and offensive song about her derrière. Jeff diffuses the awkwardness by praising Buddy's singing but in sotto voce warns Buddy about how inappropriate he is being. Sensing things are not going well, Buddy nervously apologizes and insists he should be allowed to stay since every group needs a "chubby agile guy". He says he is that guy and compares himself to the main character in the movie "Paul Blart: Mall Cop". He attempts to demonstrate his strength and ability by kicking high only to accidentally hit Jeff in the nose with his foot. As Jeff starts to bleed, Buddy apologizes profusely and leaves to get paper towels. Outside the study room Buddy can be heard loudly berating himself for what just happened.

The following day, Buddy shows up again for another study session. He brought a plate of lemon squares along with his guitar which he used to sing an apology song to the group. He was unaware that the group had already secretly voted on his membership and decided against it. Jeff and Annie were late to the meeting and caught the end of his song surprised that no one told him he was not welcome. Jeff was then forced to break the news to Buddy who started to cry. His sadness then turned to anger at having been rejected and he refused to leave. Although they tried to ignore him, he kept interrupting their study session. Jeff finally lost his cool and physically removed Buddy from the study table. The study group nervously averted their eyes at the pitiful display Buddy was putting. As he and Jeff struggled, his pants came undone and his underwear was showing. He tearfully begged the study group to give him another chance as he was forcibly dragged out of the room by Jeff.

1X13 Jeff removes Buddy from the study room
What else can you do?

After some soul searching, a remorseful Jeff contacted Buddy and asked that he show up to the study room the next day. The group is shocked to see Buddy waiting for them until Jeff explains he had invited him back. Jeff realized that Buddy's only crime is believing the group is awesome and wanting to be a part of it. He goes on to say that he can't exclude Buddy from something he himself is lucky to be a part of. Touched by Jeff's words, everyone then welcomes their newest member Buddy with a group hug. However, Star-Burns suddenly appears alongside two other students with an invitation for Buddy to join their group instead. Buddy enthusiastically accepts the newcomers offer shocking Jeff and the study group. He is forced to admit to them that they were his back up plan in case he was not accepted into the other "cool" study group. The unnamed leader of the"Cool" group then tells Buddy not to worry about those guys and to leave with them. Buddy complies but before he goes he waves goodbye to Jeff and the study group.

Jack Black interviewEdit

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Community Guest Star Jack Black


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