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First appearance: PilotMeeting area: Greendale Community CollegePurpose: to form a tight knit social circle
Wacky Season One Promo  Shirley's old study group  The Cool Study Group   

Who are these people?
Troy, "Competitive Ecology"

The Greendale Community College campus is filled with a variety of different cliques. Sometimes they are drawn together because of something simple like the mutual love of foosball or a love of physical fitness. In other instances it's just random strangers who just happen to take the same class and formed a study group to pass it. The following are a list of these cliques along with a brief description and their first appearance.

The CliquesEdit

Wacky Season One Promo    "The Study Group"
First appearance: "Pilot"

Originally a fake Spanish study group formed by Jeff Winger to impress Britta, it became a real one and eventually became a close circle of friends. The group includes Abed Nadir, Troy Barnes, Annie Edison, Shirley Bennett and Pierce Hawthorne. Over the years they have taken Spanish 101, Anthropology 101, and Biology 101 together. For their fourth year together they took History 101. The group returned for a fifth year at school with the exception of Pierce Hawthorne. The remaining members joined another campus group called the "Save Greendale Committee".
(See main article "The Study Group")

The Cool Study Group    "The Cool Study Group"
First appearance: "Investigative Journalism"

Star-Burns, an Asian girl and an unnamed guy make up what is referred to by Buddy as the "Cool study group". He had "auditioned" for them earlier and had made the Spanish study group his safety in case he wasn't chosen to join them. Star-Burns and the other two showed up in the study room to let Buddy know he was accepted. After hearing this, Buddy was overjoyed and accepted their invitation. He immediately quit the Spanish study group who had just welcomed him as their newest member.

Shirley's old study group    "Shirley's old study group"
First appearance: "Social Psychology"

In her freshmen year at Greendale, Shirley was a member of several study groups. Her addiction to gossiping and stirring the pot between people ended up causing her a lot of problems with other members. Not only did it get her ejected from those groups but it also earned her the nickname "Tattlelina". Shirley points out one of those groups to Jeff who appeared to be still upset with her.

Mikeandhisgang    "Mike's gang"
First appearance: "Comparative Religion"

In the study group's freshmen year together at Greendale Abed incurs the wrath of the school bully Mike Chilada and his pack of gym rats. Jeff sticks up for him which eventually leads to a showdown between Mike's gang and the study group. They are seen again in the Season Two episode "A Fistful of Paintballs".

Shmitty teens    "The High Schoolers"
First appearance: "The Art of Discourse"

Jeff and Britta have a run in with three teens (Mark, Scott and Kelly) in the cafeteria and end up being mocked. Whenever they run into them on campus the ridicule continues which makes them come up with a desperate plan to get back at them. When the plan fails the pair resorts to "A-Duh" off between the teenagers. Jeff and Britta are about to lose until Pierce and Shirley intervene by de-pantsing Mark and Kelly. In retaliation for their loss, the teenagers start a food fight in the cafeteria.
(See main article "The High Schoolers")

The hipsters    "The Hipsters"
First appearance: "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"

Feeling he gets no respect in the study group, Pierce becomes friends with Leonard's group of geriatric malcontents. They steal Dean Pelton's car for a joyride that very slowly goes bad. The group gets rounded up by campus security and Pierce and the others are detained in the admissions office. Jeff is notified by the campus authorities as he is on Pierce's emergency contact list and gets Pierce released into his custody.
(See main article "The Hipsters")

The Joy luck Club study group    "Asian study group"
First appearance: "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"

In the episode end tag, Troy and Abed arrive for the daily study group meeting in Group Study Room F. They are so wrapped up in their discussion on whether they would want giant ears or a tail that they don't notice that they've arrived too early for their meeting. At the study table are an older, Asian, female study group. The group participates in the discussion, however, and the majority votes for giant ears over a tail.

Mean girls    "The Mean Girls"
First appearance: "Aerodynamics of Gender"

In their second year at Greendale, Annie, Britta and Shirley take a class together but run afoul of the campus "mean girls" lead by Meghan with cronies Tracy and Jen. The younger trio insults and bullies them forcing them out of their seats and into the back of class. With the help of Abed's observational skills and ability to hone in on a persons weaknesses, they are able to get revenge.

GCC Cheerleaders    "The Cheerleaders"
First appearance: "A Fistful of Paintballs"

In their second year at Greendale, Annie was participating in the Paintball Assassin game that year. She accidentally stumbled upon a scene developing between the school's cheerleaders and Ben Chang. She watched as the spirit squad was about to eliminate Chang from the competition due to some betrayal on his part. Before they could fire, Annie made her presence known and rapidly shot all six cheerleaders. The head cheerleader called her a bitch only to be shot again and being reminded by Annie that the squad rejected her at last years tryouts.

The germans    "The Germans"
First appearance: "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"

Juergen, Karl, and Lukas were three German students attending Greendale who were avid foosball players. They hogged the foosball table in the student lounge and would annoy their fellow students with their arrogant attitudes and rowdy gameplay. Jeff and Shirley put an end to their obnoxious antics after challenging them to a game that ended in a draw. They would later return to bother the study group during their fourth year at school this time led by Juergan's brother Reinhold.
(See main article "The Germans")


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