Campus courtyard

  Campus courtyard  

  Purpose : Multi-purpose area  ·  First seen: "Home Economics"  
    ·  Visitors: Greendale students

The Greendale Campus courtyard is an open area located outside of the Student lounge. It has been used for special events, outdoor classes and a general area for the students to hang out in. Its first appearance was the Season One episode "Home Economics". It makes no appearances in Season Six.


The entrance to the student lounge is located on the right and another entrance to an adjecent building is to the left. A large bulletin board is on prominent display on the north wall along with a sign that says not to feed the pigeons. Another wall to the south closes off the rest of the area. A few of the green metal benches as well as the umbrella tables are supplied for the enclosure. The walls are covered with ivy, the closest the school has come to being in the ivy league.


Season OneEdit

  • "Home Economics": When Britta and Shirley are watching the band Some Worries play, the courtyard can be seen behind them.
  • "The Politics of Human Sexuality": As Britta lectures Jeff on the shallow entries in his phone, the courtyard can be seen behind Jeff.
  • "Physical Education": When Jeff challenges Coach Herbert Bogner to a game of pool in the student lounge, the courtyard is seen behind Bogner.
  • "The Art of Discourse": When Jeff says they need Pierce back in the Study Group, the courtyard is seen behind him. A Pizza Delivery Guy comes into the lounge from the courtyard when Abed and Tory are talking about what their porn names would be.
  • "Modern Warfare": Jeff, Troy and Abed enter the lounge from the courtyard when stalking Pierce and Star-Burns.

Season TwoEdit

  • "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples": Abed realizes his Meta documentary on Jesus is horrible and goes outside to the courtyard to pray to a higher power in order to resolve the out of control situation he created while filming.

Season ThreeEdit

S03E19-Wiggin Out party
Annie and Jeff at the "Wigging Out Dance" in the courtyard.

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit


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