Miscellaneous Chang puns

First occurred: "Anthropology 101" — Participants: Ben Chang
Type of theme: Running gag - a joke or a comical reference that appears repeatedly throughout the show

It's not even clever! You just substitute it for the word "change"!
Jeff, "Asian Population Studies".

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Ben Chang was no longer a teacher and was now himself a student enrolled at the school. Much to the annoyance of his classmates, he started to make bad puns with his last name "Chang". It became a recurring idiosyncrasy of his which would continue throughout the rest of his time at the school. When Chang pretended to have amnesia he would also make puns with "Kevin", the name he was using at the time. The first occurrence of "Changuage" is the Season One episode "Basic Genealogy".

List of Changuage punsEdit

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