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"Community Cheat Sheet"
Air date: 6th March 2015 — Season: Six — Featuring: Clips from previous seasons of Community
Summary: A look at inside jokes, easter eggs & hidden cuts.

"Community Cheat Sheet" is a series of online videos which were released by Yahoo Screen in promotion of Season Six. The videos focus on inside jokes, easter eggs & deep cuts hidden in every season of Community. The first video was released on March 6th 2015.


   "Intro to Easter Eggs"
Featuring: Clips from Season 1,2 and 3

Looks at the Beetlejuice gag and Abed's background story in The Psychology of Letting Go. It can be viewed here

The English Changuage
   "The English Changuage"
Featuring: Clips from Season 1,2 and 3

Looks at the coined and minted vocabulary featured on the show. It can be seen here.

Romantic Geometry
   "Romantic Geometry"
Featuring: Clips from Season 1-5

Looks at the various study group romances. It can be seen here

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