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Community has several videos with original content created exclusively for the internet. Some of thse are webisodes featuring mini-episodes with the cast, animated shorts, or promotional material such as videos produced within the universe of the show.

Season OneEdit

The 5 AsEdit

Community's first promotional video released on featured Dan Harmon as Dr.Patrick Isakson who hosts as series of introductional videos to Greendale College.

"The Community College Chronicles"Edit

This is  a web based series created by Abed for the Greendale AV department. So far two episodes have been produced, clips from both episodes were seen in Debate 109. The full length versions were posted online at

  • "My Hobo Days"-This episode deals with Jeff being homless and is Abed's version of the events found in the episode Home Economics.
  • "Pop Quiz"-This episode deals with Annie helping Jeff study and Troy turning into a werewolf due to a spanish curse put on him by Britta.

Star-Burns El Star Prince"Edit

This webisode is a two part webisode featuring Ben Chang, Abed, and Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne. In it Abed and Star-Burns team up to do a spanish assignment for Chang.

"Study Break"Edit

This webisode series  is a three part mini episode featuring the entire study group. In it It was sponsored by

  • Part 1: Annie insists that the group take a 90 second study break every 36 minutes.
  • Part 2: The study group plays a game of truth or dare.
  • Part 3: The study group is divided by their generation gap.

"Dean Pelton's Office HoursEdit

A  three part webisode series featuring Dean Craig Pelton dealing with various minor crissis.

  • "Pamphlet Serious":The Greendale Human Being is accused of sexual harrassment by a cheer leader.
  • "Hairpiece": The Dean tries on various hairpieces.
  • "Independent Study Asisstant": Dean's new assistant hits on him.

"Community:Road to the Emmys"Edit

"Community:Road to the Emmys" is a three part non canon mini epsiode that has the study group on their way to an Emmy party. They are riding in an Infiniti QX 56 which was the sponser.

  • Part 1: Lame puns.
  • Part 2: Chang makes a surprise appearance.
  • Part 3: Abed reveals that there is no Emmy party.

Season ThreeEdit

"Community: Abed's Master KeyEdit

A three part animated webisode that has Abed being made Depu-Dean and given the responsibility of the "Master Key" . It was produced exculsively for Hulu.

  • Part 1: Abed is made Depu-Dean and given the "Master Key".
  • Part 2: Abed uses the key to help his friends but is taken advantage of.
  • Part 3: Britta uses the key to help a person she believes is homeless.

Season SixEdit

Community Cheat SheetEdit

"Community Cheat Sheet" is a series of online videos which were released by Yahoo Screen in promotion of Season Six. The videos focus on inside jokes, easter eggs & deep cuts hidden in every season of Community. Community Cheat Sheet features no new content.

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