Student ID
Eric the Redhead
Portrayed by: BILL PARKS
First appearance: "Football, Feminism and You"
Last appearance: "For A Few Paintballs More"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Home town: RIVERSIDE, CO
Occupation: UNKNOWN

Condom water balloon fight!
Eric, "Environmental Science"

Bill the red head kid
Eric Wisniewski is the token ginger at Greendale Community College who plays defensive end for the Greendale Football Team. A bit of a pervert, he is often seen ogling women on campus. He appears to be friends with Mark Millot from the The Greendale Gooffaws. According to his GCC Campus Connect page, he is a huge fan of the Denver Broncos. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Football, Feminism and You". He is portrayed by actor Bill Parks.

At GreendaleEdit

Eric is first seen in the episode "Football, Feminism and You" as a member of Greendale's football team. His excitement at the pep rally announcing Troy as the team's new quarterback is diminished when he overhears Troy insulting the team. He is next seen in the episode "The Politics of Human Sexuality" where he tries to start a water balloon fight using the condoms that were being held out at the school's STD fair. He inadvertently discovers that the condoms had holes in them when they begin to leak. He is later seen in the Season One finale "Pascal's Triangle Revisited" ogling Slater and even taking a photo of her on his cellphone at Jeff's sarcastic suggestion. In Season Two episode "The Psychology of Letting Go", he gets annoyed by Britta's attempts to raise awareness about an oil spill.

Later, he gets sprayed with fake oil from Annie and Britta's fundraising display along with and a few other students. When the two girls start to fight each other in the oil, he joins a gathering of male students who are tossing dollars at the spectacle. He is also appears in the episode "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples" discussing Abed's Meta Jesus film, which irritates Shirley. His last appearance was in the season finale "For A Few Paintballs More" during the 2011 paintball assassination game. After running into Troy and Abed who were investigating the truth behind The Black Rider, he is eliminated from the paintball competition by City College Storm Troopers who had invaded the school.


When you showed me that field, I knew there was nothing to worry about here. I could just play football for the fun of it. I mean, have you seen these guys?Troy
Dude, we have feelings.Eric

Mmm-hmm.Eric, checking out Slater as she walks away
You should take a picture. It lasts longer.Jeff
Cool.Eric, taking a photo



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