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Formerly Evil Abed
Abed Nadir
Alternate counterpart of Abed (Prime Timeline)
Portrayed by: Danny Pudi
First appearance: "Remedial Chaos Theory"
Last appearance: "Advanced Introduction to Finality"
Home town: The Darkest Timeline
Occupation: Reformed Evil genius
Reason for turning evil: Feels responsible for not stopping the die

Hot, hothothot!
Evil Abed

Sneering Evil Abed
Evil Abed portrayed by
Danny Pudi
In an alternate reality, a random chain of events was set in motion that ended up creating "The Darkest Timeline". In this scenario, the study group is in shambles. The timeline's Abed renames himself Evil Abed and decides on a drastic course of action to set things right. Using The Dreamatorium as a conduit to the Prime Timeline, he contacts Abed and slowly starts to manipulate him in order to bring his evil plan to fruition. Ultimately, he renounces his evil ways and name when he is inspired by the "Prime Timelines" Jeff. His first appearance is in the Season Three episode "Remedial Chaos Theory". He is portrayed by Danny Pudi.

Character historyEdit

Season ThreeEdit

With Pierce dead, Annie in psychiatric care, Troy having severely injured his throat, Jeff having lost an arm, and Shirley now an alcoholic, Abed declares this The Darkest Timeline. He proposes to the remaining study group members that they become the Evil Study Group and to find a way to the "Prime Timeline" they diverged from. Once there, they will kill their counterparts and take over their lives. He hands them all black beards made out of felt to symbolize their evilness, but only Troy agrees to wear it ("Remedial Chaos Theory"). He is later seen alongside the Prime Timeline's Abed in The Dreamatorium. No longer wearing a felt goatee, he appeared with a fully grown beard and was trying to drive a wedge in the friendship between the Prime Timeline's Abed and Troy ("Contemporary Impressionists").

  • From now on I am Evil Abed.
He next appears to Abed in his darkest hour ("Introduction to Finality"). Abed had been separated from Troy who was forced to enroll in Greendale's air conditioning annex. Desperate to cope with the loss of his best friend, Abed turns to Britta for help, agreeing to undergo therapy with her. Unfortunately, a vision of Evil Abed persuades him into entering The Dreamatorium. When Britta arrives for their session, she finds he has been completely taken over by Evil Abed. Britta doesn't take the change in Abed's disposition seriously assuming it's just more role playing. She learns how wrong she is after Evil Abed turns the therapy session around on her and gets her to reveal her deepest fears. Wanting to turn the "Prime Timeline" as dark as the one he came from, he verbally berates Britta leaving her depressed.

  • Evil Abed POV
  • Evil Abed's in the house
He then exits the Dreamatorium to go after his next target, Jeff. He continued to darken the timeline by hanging up a pay phone while a student was on the line, popping a balloon a girl was holding with his cigarette and then dropping his cigarette in a student's coffee cup. He finds Jeff in the Greendale summer courthouse representing Shirley for her case against Pierce. Evil Abed had come equipped with a bone saw, intending to cut off Jeff's arm to make him just like his timeline's Evil Jeff. The short power cord prevents him from using the bone saw and he leaves to get an extension cord. He returns with the cord just in time for Jeff's closing arguments. He finds himself too moved by Jeff's words about friendship and selflessness to carry out his plan. This temporarily causes him to doubt his own plans and gives "Prime timeline" Abed the chance to regain control of his body. He causes the felt goatee to fall off and sends Evil Abed's "spirit" back to the Darkest Timeline ("Introduction to Finality").

The end of Evil Abed
The end of Evil Abed

Season FourEdit

Evil Abed takes the Winger Speech to heart and upon returning to his reality decides to try to brighten his own timeline instead of trying to darken others. However, Evil Jeff at the same time embraces his evil side and takes control of the remaining Evil Study Group. Evil Troy turns his back on his now reformed best friend and joins Jeff in his campaign to destroy the "Prime timeline". When Evil Jeff crosses over he uses a special paintball gun to send "Prime timeline" Abed to his world. While in the Darkest Timeline, Abed seeks out his double. Formerly Evil Abed gives his "good" self not only a DVD of all six seasons of the Cape but also a means to return to his world with paintball equipment to combat the Evil Study group. Abed returns to his world, equips his study group with the weapons and sends the The Evil Study group back to their world ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

4X13 Abed
After renouncing his evil ways he is just Abed now


"Remedial Chaos Theory":

From now on, I am Evil Abed. We are the Evil Study group, and we have but one evil goal: return somehow to the Prime Timeline, the one that I stopped you from rolling that die. Then we destroy the good versions of ourselves and reclaim our proper lives.— 'Evil Abed'

"Introduction to Finality":

When the world gets bad enough, Abed, the good go crazy, but the smart...they go bad.— 'Evil Abed'

Cruel...cruel, cruel, cruel.— 'Evil Abed'
Do you know what kind of person becomes a psychologist, Britta? A person that wishes deep down that everyone more special than them is sick because healthy sounds so much more exciting than boring. You're average, Britta Perry. You're every kid on the playground that didn't get picked on. You're a business casual potted plant, a human white sale, you're VH-1, Robocop 2 and Back To the Future 3, you're the center slice to a square cheese pizza... actually that sounds delicious... I'm the center slice to a square cheese pizza...You're Jim Belushi. — 'Evil Abed'



Evil Abed, The Darkest Timeline, and the black beards are directly inspired by the Mirror universe concept in the Star Trek franchise. First introduced in the original series episode "Mirror, Mirror" it features the main characters visiting a parallel world filled with evil doppelgängers of themselves and Spock's double is sporting a beard.

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