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Evil Britta
Evil Britta
Alternate counterpart of Britta Perry
Portrayed by: Gillian Jacobs
First appearance: Remedial Chaos Theory
Last appearance: Advanced Introduction to Finality
Home town: The Darkest Timeline
Occupation: Evil Activist
Reason for turning evil: Dyes a blue streak in her hair after Pierce's "death".
Reason for visit: To destroy the prime timeline.

Britta, you put one wash-away blue streak in your hair, and I lost an arm!
Evil Jeff

Evil Britta is an alternate version of Britta Perry, the product of a divergent timeline in which the study group suffered great personal losses. Devastated by those tragedies, that realities Abed dubbed this The Darkest Timeline, and suggested they become as dark and twisted as the reality they had to endure. In solidarity with the rest of the study group, Britta dyed a blue streak in her hair as she wasn't as traumatized by the event as the rest of her friends were. Her first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Remedial Chaos Theory". She is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs.

Character historyEdit

"Coming soon!".


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