Evil study group

     Evil Study Group  
First appearance: Remedial Chaos TheoryMeeting area: The Darkest Timeline — Purpose: To be EVIL
Square Evil Jeff  Square Evil Britta  Square Evil Annie   Square Evil Troy  Square Evil Shirley   Square Evil Pierce   Square Evil Abed   

We are the Evil Study group, and we have but one evil goal: return somehow to the Prime Timeline, the one that I stopped you from rolling that die. Then we destroy the good versions of ourselves and reclaim our proper lives.
Evil Abed, "Remedial Chaos Theory"

The roll of a Yahtzee die led to the creation of six different timelines. In one of those, Troy and Abed's housewarming party at their apartment turned into The Darkest Timeline. Due to the unfortunate events that took place, each member of the study group were changed for the worst. In some cases they were not just left psychologically scarred but also physically damaged. At the Abed of that timeline's suggestion, these victims of causality regrouped under a new purpose: to make other realities as dark as their own. The Evil Study Group's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Remedial Chaos Theory".

Group historyEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In an alternate reality of the study groups third year at Greendale, Troy and Abed's housewarming party becomes the flashpoint to the creation of the "Evil Study Group". Troy left to get the pizza from the delivery guy only to return to the apartment minutes later to find chaos and confusion. Pierce had just accidentally gotten shot in the leg by Annie's gun, soaking Shirley with blood from his wound. While Annie and Abed tried to help Pierce, the Serbian rum he brought to the party had spilled onto the floor. It was ignited by a joint that Britta lit up in the bathroom, causing a fire to break out. Jeff and Britta tried to fight the fire as Troy decided to destroy the cause of the incident. He grabbed Pierce's housewarming gift, the Norwegian troll doll, and swallowed it despite the fact that it was on fire.

In the aftermath of these events, Pierce had apparently died from the gunshot, Annie was overcome with guilt due to that and was committed to a mental institution, Shirley started drinking again, Jeff was forced to have his arm amputated due to severe burns, and Troy had to have a voice box implanted after his throat was damaged. In solidarity to their friends, Britta dyed a blue streak in her hair while Abed came up with a plan to make things right. He created felt goatees and handed them to the rest of the group. He stated that they should embrace the darkness which occurred. Abed suggested they become the "Evil Study Group" and invade the "Prime timeline" they split off from. Still depressed over what happened, everyone but Troy agreed to help Abed with his plan ("Remedial Chaos Theory").

Evil Abed would later establish contact with his "Prime timeline" counterpart via "The Dreamatorium". After Abed was scolded by Troy for his celebrity impersonator expenses, Evil Abed appeared in a simulation he imagined inside the play room. Abed was at first disturbed by his prescience but Evil Abed convinced him being alone and separated from his friend wasn't a bad thing ("Contemporary Impressionists"). Evil Abed appeared to Abed once again after Troy had been forced to join the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School. Taking advantage of how vulnerable he was at the time, Evil Abed took over Abed's body after tricking him into entering The Dreamatorium. Evil Abed then began his plan to make "The Prime Timeline" as dark as his own.

Evil Abed began with Britta and took control of a counseling session she had with Abed to force her to remember past childhood traumas. After leaving her dejected, Evil Abed went in search of Jeff, determined to cut his arm off and make him just like his counterpart. He found Jeff at Greendale representing Shirley in a faux court case against her business partner Pierce Hawthorne. The Bone saw Evil Abed brought didn't have a long enough cord to reach Jeff so he went to get an extension. When Evil Abed came back he was just in time to hear Jeff's closing argument. The speech was about doing good and being selfless which genuinely moved Evil Abed and stopped him from going through with his plan. His Prime Timeline counterpart took advantage of his hesitation, took back control of his body and cast Evil Abed back to his own reality ("Introduction to Finality").

Season FourEdit



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