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Fancy restaurant

  Fancy restaurant  

  Purpose : Fine dining establishment  ·  First seen: "Critical Film Studies"  
    ·  Visitors: The Study Group, Ben Chang, Wu Mei

The restaurant Abed had chosen wasn't his style at all. It had cloth napkins, no TV's. Abed liked chicken fingers, video games, Quentin Tarintino. Babysitting him through a full meal at a restaurant for grown ups...I just wasn't up for it

The Fancy restaurant was a fine dining establishment visited several times by the Study Group in their second year at school. It was a very upscale eatery with expensive decor, a highly trained staff, and a pricey menu. The restaurants first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Critical Film Studies".


Towards the middle of Abed 's sophomore year at Greendale, he felt that his friendhsip with Jeff wasn't as strong as it used to be. On his birthday, Abed asked Jeff to join him at a Fancy restaurant in order to correct this. He went about orchestrating a movie homage to "My Dinner with Andre" casting Jeff clandestinely as the character in the film who lost touch with a weird friend. With the cooperation of a restaurant waiter to help him in this deception, he hoped an honest dinner conversation between him and Jeff would reinvigorate their friendship.

He was unaware Jeff had already made plans to throw Abed a surprise "Pulp Fiction" themed birthday party at the diner called "The Greasy Fork". He was at first confused by Abeds "normal" behavior in keeping with the homage. However, Jeff soon got so sucked into it that he abandoned his original plans despite the study group waiting for them at the diner to arrive for the surprise party. Abeds deception worked too well as the dinner conversation led Jeff to began admitting to some truly embarrassing past indiscretions. Abed realized this had gone too far and attempted to end the ruse when the restaurants waiter did it for him. He accidentally let what Abeds actual intentions were for this dinner which angered Jeff at having been deceived.

At that moment, Britta along with the rest of the study group arrived at the fancy restaurant. She demanded to know why the surprise party was cancelled as it just costed her the waitressing she job had at "The Greasy Fork". Jeff was too infuriated at his Abed's manipulation of him to care and stormed out of the restaurant. Abed later found Jeff at "The Greasy Fork" talking with the manager Brian about making restitution for the damages the study group incurred at the place while waiting for him. Abed explained his reasons for the elaborate charade claiming it was to save their friendship. Jeff accepts his apology and explanation but insists that Abed to keep mum about the information he revealed. Abed then asks Jeff to accompany him back to the fancy restaurant to settle the dinner tab.

When they arrive it turns out that Abed and he study group had put together an impromptu surprise party for Jeff in honor of his efforts. The waiter felt guilty for having ruined Abed's homage that he allowed the group to use the fancy restaurant after closing time. Abed unwrapped his gifts, the group did an homage to "Pulp Fiction" and they ended up having a pleasant dinner. Sometime later, Troy and Abed decide to eat at the restaurant together. The check for the meal arrives and Troy insists on paying for it but is shocked by the cost. After himself Abed takes a look at the receipt he delares that he is going to do a "dine and dash" which Troy agrees with. On the count of three the two friends made a run for it (" Critical Film Studies").

The restaurant was seen a second time when Pierce treated the study group to a special dinner there. They were all celebrating his recent engagement to Wu Mei. The festivities soon were cut short after Troy admitted he lied to Britta about being molested by his uncle. Jeff then made an announcement exposing Wu Mei as a fraud. After a conversation with Ben Chang at the bar, Jeff discovered Wu Mei was actually a corporate spy of "The Red Dragon" moist towelette company, the number two wipe company in Asia. The rival to Pierces company "Hawthorne Wipes", it was currently in the midst of trying to take overierce's company. Her cover blown, Wu Mei left the restaurant ending the dinner and the engagement. Abed then punctuated the shocking development by playing a record scratch sound effect app he had on his phone.

Afterwards, Pierce waited at the restaurant bar to confront Jeff who had just finished using the restroom. Pierce told him everyone else had either gone home or went to Jeff's apartment with his Chang for a ketchup fight. When Jeff invited him to join them back at his place Pierce angrily declined. He told Jeff he already knew her real identity and was fine with being used since he was using her too. Despite all of that he still had genuine feelings for her and was upset Jeff had ruined it. Jeff defended himself by saying he was doing Pierce a favor by exposing her duplicity. However, Pierce deduced Jeffs true motivation for his actions was his bruised ego. Jeff had tried to hit on Wu Mei earlier but was rejected and couldn't stand the thought that she chose Pierce over Jeff ("Competitive Wine Tasting").


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