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Fluffy town

  Fluffy Town  

  Purpose : to make something cool  ·  First seen: "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"  
    ·  Visitors: The Study Group, Sean Garrity, Greendale students

Hey guys, welcome to Fluffy Town. No smoking, no farting and no pillow fighting.
Abed, "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"

In their sophomore year at Greendale, Troy had a sleepover with Abed in his dorm room, and they both created a blanket fort. They decided to make the fort bigger and expanded it past Abed's room until it took over the entire dormitory. Eventually, the blanket fort becomes so popular that it becomes a craze that sweeps over to other college campuses. Its first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design". It later inspires the creation of a pillow fort and another blanket fort in the Season Three episode "Digital Exploration of Interior Design".


Troy and Abed's blanket fort was at first a few blanket and sheets covering Abed's bunk bed and a dresser. It then grew to fill the room and with Pavel's help expanded out into the hallway. The rest of the dormitory students started to help as well and the entire dorm was soon converted into one large blanket fort. It continued to expand and became large enough for parades, an avant garde club, and a memorial to Pierce's mom. The three rules of the fort were:
  1. No smoking
  2. No farting
  3. No pillow fighting.



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