Foosball table

  Foosball table  
First appearance: "Social Psychology" — Owned by: Greendale — Used by: Greendale students
Purpose: recreation— Made by: Dynamo Foosball tables

They will have an astronaut on their brochure while we're stll bragging about our foosball table!
Dean Pelton, "Basic Rocket Science"

Foosball poster
Foosball poster
The foosball table is a table top game located inside Greendale's the student lounge. Along with the pool table and dart board, it's a recreational activity free for any of the students to use in between (or during possibly during) their classes. The foosball table has been a modest source of pride having been featured prominently on the school's brochure. A few students are even attending Greendale because they have a foosball scholarship. The foosball table's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Social Psychology".


Season OneEdit

In the study group's first year at Greendale, a foosball table is seen being played in the foreground of the student lounge while Jeff and Britta discuss her cheating on the Spanish exam ("Social Psychology"). It's seen again later in the year during the "Family Day" event. Some students are seen playing the game in the background while Pierce, Amber, Jeff, Star-Burns and his son are laying Pictionary ("Basic Genealogy"). During the end of the year Paintball Assassin competition, the Foosball table is seen overturned and covered in paintball splotches inside the student lounge ("Modern Warfare").

Season TwoEdit

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Den Pelton and the school board learned that City College was planning to start a space simulation program. Pelton states that they needs to catch up and implements their own space program. He states that if they don't City College will have an astronaut on the front of their brochure while Greendale will only have a Foosball table to brag about ("Basic Rocket Science"). Later that same year, the Foosball table is seen during the 2011 Paintball Assassin game.

It appears in the cafeteria again covered in paintball splotches outside of the entrance to a make -shift haven from the competition called "Fort Hawthorne. It is seen again after Dean Spreck and an army of paintball commandos take over the campus.Annie and Abed were taking cover behind the foosball table preparing to launch a sneak attack on the invaders. It was part of a plan to lure as many of them as possible to the Library where they would spring a trap on them ("For A Few Paintballs More").

Season ThreeEdit

In the study group's third year at Greendale, the foosball table was used by a group of foreign exchange students at the school on a Foosball scholarship. Jeff became annoyed at how obnoxiously they played the game and particularly how they bullied their opponents. He confronted the trio but ended up humiliated when he failed a challenge from them to score a point. Jeff began practicing late at night on the foosball table which was noticed by Shirley. She warned Jeff of the inherent evil of the Foosball hinting at a bad past experience she had with the game. Jeff refused to listen until she demonstrated her incredible skill at foosball. Jeff begged her to teach him and despite some initial reluctance, she started training him. Feeling confident in their abilities, Shirley and Jeff issued the Germans a challenge and upped the stakes of by saying that the losers would be forced to never use the foosball table. The Germans accepted and the match was set for the following morning.

Later, Shirley and Jeff had dinner at Señor Kevin's and she reveals that she used to be a Foosball bully like the Germans. She cruelly taunted a boy one time and caused him to pee his pants by jabbing him with a Foosball shaft. Jeff shockingly revealed that he was that boy and storms off. He eventually made his way back to the Greendale student lounge where he found Shirley waiting for him. He refused her apology and after a heated exchange the two started playing an intense game of Foosball. Eventually they calmed down and acknowledged how they have both since changed for the better. The next day Jeff and Shirley arrive for their game against the Germans. Jeff and Shirley quickly took possession of the ball. They rapidly passed the ball to each other before causing it to land in such a way that the Germans couldn't reach it. With the game now unable to continue, Jeff and Shirley went to go see a movie ("Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism").

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