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George Perry
George Perry
Portrayed by: Martin Mull
First appearance: Season Six
Last appearance: Season Six
Date of birth: unknown
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: Unknown
Reason for visit: To Covertly support his Daughter financially
Family: Deb Perry (wife), sons, Britta Perry (daughter), Marcus (grandson)

'Community' has cast Britta's parents.
— George Perry, "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care"

George Perry is the father of Greendale alumni Britta Perry. During his years as a parent to Britta he proved to be very strict and prohibitive. However, due to substance abuse he went through at an early age he can't recall any of this . His first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Martin Mull .


In his daughter's sixth year at Greendale, George Perry reached out to some of Britta's friends through social media to keep updated on her life. Although Britta refused to talk to George or her mother Deb, he and his wife managed to contact Annie and Abed through Facebook. George and Deb decided to intervene after learning their child was now destitute and homeless. They covertly helped Britta through her friends as they had several times in the past. A plan was conceived where Annie and Abed would invite Britta to move in to their apartment. George and Deb would help pay for Britta's share of the rent. They also provided any other necessities she required. This included a brand new red sofa pull out they gifted to Annie and Abed for Britta's use.


Martin Mull (George Perry) and Lesley Anne Warren (Deb Perry) both appeared in the 1985 movie "Clue" based on the classic Parker Brothers board game of the same name. Mull played the character "Colonel Mustard" and Warren played the "Miss Scarlett". The actor's roles in the movie are obliquely referenced on Community by their characters having board game nights. On the show they were featured playing another classic board game "Trouble".

Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard
Lesley Anne Warren and Martin Mull as
Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard

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