GCC website

First occurred: 2009 — Participants: Community fans
Type of theme: Promotion: A media property created to promote Community

You might ask yourself, "What I can expect from Greendale Community College?" And to that, we say "What can't you expect?" We pride ourselves on giving you, the community college student, more than you expect. We give you what you deserve.
— introduction

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"" was an online domain created by NBC to promote "Community" when it debuted in 2009. It was designed to resemble a real community college website and had original content related to the show. Some of that information was integrated into the show's narrative while others, particularly a number of characters featured there, never appeared onscreen. Sometime after NBC cancelled "Community" the website was taken down and replaced by a Community themed Tumblr. It's current form can be seen HERE.


The website offered a closer look at school life on the Greendale campus with profiles on students and faculty . These included a few characters which were exclusive to the site or webisodes featured there and never actually appeared on the show. It also had an online campus newspaper which reported on events that occurred in episodes from a real world perspective. The site also had links on every page to the official NBC Community site. Although updated frequently in the first two years of the show, the later seasons saw sporadic contributions being made until all posting stopped by Season Four. The last update was regarding events featured in the Season Three episode "Basic Lupine Urology". The following are pages found on the Greendale site:

  • "Home": This was the home page of the website which had an introduction to the college.
  • "About GCC": A more detailed introduction to the school is given featuring a series of videos called "The 5 As".
  • "Admissions": Details on registration and tuition are given and the motto of the school "YOU'RE ALREADY ACCEPTED!" is repeated several times.
  • "Library": Details about the buildings operating hours and reserving study rooms is given.
  • "Admin & Faculty": Profiles of teachers and faculty are provided on this page.
  • "Campus Connect": This had sections containing profiles on a number of the characters on the show.
  • "AV Department": A video section featuring the web exclusive "The 5 As " along with Abed's short films which were featured on the show.
  • "Greendale Weekly": This was a news section with articles related to plots of various episodes.