Visitor Pass
Portrayed by: Duncan Joiner
First appearance: Season Six
Date of birth: unknown
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Reason for visit: Riding his Green Machine around the neighborhood

What's her problem?
— Greg, "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care"

Greg is one of Deb and George Perry's neighbors.


Upon realizing that her parents were financially supporting her without her knowledge, Britta confronts them at their home in Denver. After confronting her parents and Annie and Abed, Britta immediately leaves. She gets into Frankie Dart's car (which she stole) and tries to drive off, but the engine won't start. Greg rides by on his Green Machine, and Britta, determined to leave without her parents' help, picks up Greg and steals his Green Machine, riding away from her parents' house on it.

Seeing that Britta stole Greg's Green Machine, Deb runs up to Greg and hands him a large amount of money that was originally intended for Britta. Greg marvels at the large amount of cash he now has, and asks Deb what Britta's problem is, to which Deb replies that Britta is growing up.

Greg is briefly mentioned later on when Britta returns to her parents' house. Abed, who liked Greg's Green Machine, asked where Britta put it, and how long ago she ditched it, though Annie reminds him that it's not important.


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