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Gupta Gupti Gupta
Gupta Gupti Gupta
Portrayed by: Jay Chandrasekhar
First appearance: "Basic Email Security"
Home town: Unknown
Occupation: Comedian
Reason for visit: To perform a comedy act at Greendale
Family: unknown

Listen you piece of crap, we've been to hell and back for you so get up there and do your stupid act for freedom!
— Britta, "Basic Email Security"

Gupti Gupta Gupta is a comedian whose humour was deemed racist and offensive, and was hired by Greendale Community College  to perform a comedy show for one night only. His first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Basic Email Security".

ACL Chang presents to the class the crib sheet
It's a tiny piece of paper, okay! That's all it is!!Ben Chang

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