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Hot & Brown

  Hot & Brown  

  Purpose : Coffee shop  ·  First seen: "Introduction to Film"  
    ·  Visitors: The study group, Greendale students, Greendale faculty

Hot & Browns coffee wakes me up to the fact that it's coffee really sucks.
Jeff, "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"

Chalkboard epitaph
Hot & Brown was a coffee franchise once located inside Greendale Community College's North cafeteria. It was usually the first stop for both students and teachers when their day began; Professor Whitman was known to stop by the shop every morning before classes started. It was accidentally burned down by Ben Chang and later replaced with a Subway franchise. After a student riot destroyed that restaurant, the site was given over to Shirley Bennett and Pierce Hawthorne who opened a sandwich shop called "Shirley's Sandwiches". The coffee shop's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Introduction to Film", and its last appearance was in the Season Three episode "Competitive Ecology".

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