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This article is about the character of "The Inspector".

For the television show, see the article
"Inspector Spacetime (television show)"

The Inspector
The Inspector
aka Inspector Spacetime
Portrayed by: Travis Richey
First appearance: "Biology 101"
Last appearance: "Conventions of Space and Time"
Occupation: Master of Time and Space
Associates: Constable Reggie, Geneva, and various others

The question isn't where, constable, but when.
— The Inspector

The Inspector 2
The Inspector as portrayed
by Travis Richey
"The Inspector" is a fictional character who is the main protagonist of a long running British television programme called "Inspector Spacetime". This science fiction television show has been on the air within the Community universe since 1962. The Inspector is a time-traveling alien in a red telephone box spaceship who is aided by trusty associates who are known as constables. He wears a trench coat, bowler hat and possesses a device known as a "Quantum Spanner". A variety of actors has stepped into the role to keep the show going. Britta introduces the show to Abed in order to help him get over the absence of Cougar Town whose premiere was pushed back to mid-season. The character of "The Inspector" was first seen in the Season Three premiere "Biology 101". The first version seen was portrayed by actor Travis Richey.


Season ThreeEdit

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Abed becomes stressed when his favorite show "Cougar Town" is put on hiatus. Hoping to help him cope with the bad news, Britta volunteers to find him another show to obsess over. When the first show she picks called "Cougarton Abbey" sends Abed into a catatonic state she finds another candidate called "Inspector Spacetime" ("Biology 101"). Abed is immediately captivated by the show watching on as "The Inspector" and his sidekick Constable Reggie are attacked by enemies called "Blorgons". He soon watches every episode and even cosplays as the hero for Halloween while Troy dresses up like Constable Reggie ("Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps").

Troy and Abed are later seen playing in Group Study Room F again wearing their homemade costumes and annoying Jeff with their antics ("Advanced Gay"). During Christmas, Abed hoped the study group would join him in watching the infamous "Inspector Spacetime Christmas Special". Although they all had prior commitments, they decided to go to Abed's apartment and watched the special. It featured the Inspector giving Constable Reggie a hologram of an 80's hair metal band singing for the winter holiday known as "Time Day" (" Regional Holiday Music"). Abed incorporated the sci fi show into his many imagined adventures inside the special playroom he created called "The Dreamatorium".

On one such occassion, Troy was on a lunch date with Britta. Abed showed of "The Dreamatorium" to Annie imagining an Inspector Soacetime adventure inside the playroom. He assumed the role of "The Inspector" while she played the part of "Geneva", another constable. Howeber, Abed's anxiety over losing Troy to Britta and being alone surfaced. Eventually, Annie helped him cope with his feelings and the two continued their adventures ("Virtual Systems Analysis"). Towards the end of the school year, the study group helped to incite a riot at school which cost Greendale a lucrative business deal. They were all kicked out of school for their actions due to the machinations of Ben Chang. Sensing a conspiracy afoot , Abed role played as "The Inspector" to investigate what happened. While in costume on school grounds he was apprehended by Officer Cackowski and brought back to his home (" Curriculum Unavailable").

Season FourEdit

In the study groups fourth year at Greendale, Troy showed Britta an old episode of "Inspector Spacetime" featuring the original Inspector. Hoping to get her interested in the show, it featured the Inspector facing off against the Blorgons alongside his first sidekick Constable Edmund. Troy had earlier gotten Abed's permission for Britta to accompany them to the annual "Inspecticon convention.Troy and Abed went to the event dressed as the Inspector and Reggie respectively. Abed later met up with anothr fan he met online called Toby Weeks. Although it wasn't his intentions, Toby would later help Abed better understand The Inspector's motivations. Constables are traveling with him because, just like Abed's friendship with Troy, they help to ground the Inspector and keep him emotionally invested in the world.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the study group, Shirley and Pierce were also at the convention. Focus group testers asked them to watch a new version of "Inspector Spacetime" developed specifically for the American audience. Although Shirley tried her best to keep the show true to the way it was, Pierce gave them pages of notes on how to make the program more accessible to American audiences. The show was retooled with a lot of elements completely changed including replacing the X-7 Dimensionizer into an American style telephone booth. The Inspector was now a Navy Captain and his Constable sidekick was made into an Ensign. Upon seeing the first episode of the American show, Abed told Pierce that he hated him ("Conventions of Space and Time").



The Inspector is a direct homage to the lead character in long-running BBC science fiction TV show Doctor Who. The show within the Community universe follows closely the story of Doctor Who with the Inspector and his associates travelling in a red telephone box known as the X7 Dimensioniser time booth, the counterpart to the T.A.R.D.I.S. - and using his Quantum Spanner to fight alien creatures such as the Blorgons who are based on the Doctor's greatest enemy, the Daleks.

Community fans embraced the character and created numerous Inspector-inspired projects. For example, TV Tropes collaborated on an entirely fabricated but internally consistent history of the character, covering twelve different incarnations, from the 1962 debut to his 50th anniversary that parallel Doctor Who's. This list, along with other factitious cast members, can be seen here (there is also another version for the associated Wikia).

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
Doctor Who


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