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Jeff fights "The System"

CD Cover
  ♫Jeff Winger Hero-at-Law  
CD Cover

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: Unknown  ►
  Composed by: Abed Nadir  -  First heard: "Repilot"

Are you a good person being sued, oppressed, or beaten? I can help!
— Jeff Winger Hero-at-Law

The Winger Guarantee
The Winger Guarantee
After the study group graduated from Greendale, Jeff tried to become a crusading attorney fighting for the underdog. He opened his own law firm and hired Abed to shoot a commercial to promote his new business. It featured Jeff as a super hero fighting a robot called "The System". It opened up with a short ditty called "Jeff Winger Hero-at-Law" which extolled the virtues of Jeff's practice. Once Jeff's law firm failed and he was forced to closed it, Alan Conner paid a visit to his office and offered his own less flattering version of the jingle. It was first heard in the Season Five episode "Repilot."

The song with lyricsEdit

Jeff Winger - Hero At Law00:26

Jeff Winger - Hero At Law

Jeff Winger
Hero at Law!
Best lawyer you ever saw!
Hero to freedom
Defender of liberty!
South of the Forty
At Lincoln you'll park for free!

Community - Season 5 Premiere Clip00:49

Community - Season 5 Premiere Clip

Alan rewrites the jingle:

Jeff Winger
Loser at Law!
Rented office in a mini mall!

Community Between the Takes Week One - Community03:53

Community Between the Takes Week One - Community

A deleted scene features Alan singing more lyrics to Jeff:

Thought he could be an attorney heroically!
Filing for bankruptcy
Drinking compulsively

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