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Jeff Season Five
  Jeff and Troy  
Troy Season Five

  Jeff Winger : Joel McHaleFriends    Troy Barnes: Donald Glover  
  Status:Friends  -  First appearance: "Pilot"

I don't know about you but I know I ended up here because things weren't so great out there.
Troy to Jeff, "Football, Feminism and You".

Jeff and Troy 2
Jeff and Troy portrayed by Joel McHale and Donald Glover.
Jeff and Troy were two of the most physical and athletic members of the study group who would occasionally compete in various sporting contests. In their first years together at school Jeff established himself as a leader and a popular figure at Greendale. This would at times bother Troy as he himself was once a star quarterback, homecoming king and B.M.O.C. at Riverside High School. Although Troy enjoyed his juvenile antics with Abed he longed to be considered more of an adult. Because of this Troy looked up to Jeff and admired his seemingly more mature and cool persona. At different times they each pursued a romantic relationship with Britta Perry but in both cases it didn't work out. In their fifth year at school, Troy left Greendale to embark on a potentially financially rewarding adventure. Jeff admitted that by doing this Troy had become much cooler than he was. Jeff is portrayed by Joel McHale and Troy is portrayed by Donald Glover.

Pairing historyEdit

Season OneEdit

We're trying to get Jeff ready for the fiiiiiii-ght. I couldn't think of another word.


–Troy and Jeff, "Comparative Religion".

School year synopsis

In the 2009-2010 semester at Greendale disbarred attorney Jeff Winger met recent high school graduate Troy Barnes through Abed Nadir. Troy had been invited by Abed to the library along with a few other classmates to a Spanish study group Jeff had formed. Unbeknownst to him Jeff had formed a fake group just to woo Britta Perry, one of the students in attendance. When Jeff's ruse is discovered he is kicked out but afterwards Troy encounters him outside the building. They bonded when Troy was impressed with his opinion on whether or not he should continue to wear his varsity jacket. Troy and the other members of the group take pity on Jeff and convince Britta to let him rejoin them. After the Dean puts Jeff on the college recruiting posters, Jeff convinces Troy to play football for Greendale in order for the posters not to be used. This causes a conflict with Annie which makes Jeff feel guilty. He tries to get Troy to quit football at a pep rally but Troy is OK playing because the standards at Greendale are so low there is no pressure on him. Troy passes wisdom to Jeff by saying he should accept he is at Greendale and relax. Troy gets Jeff to help a tripping Pierce at the study group's first Halloween party and before Christmas, helps Jeff train to fight the school bully. Jeff (and Britta) interfere in Annie's relationship with Vaughn Miller by telling Troy things about Annie to make him interested in her.

2009 - 2010 semester

"Pilot": When Troy meets Jeff, he calls him "Seacrest" and indicates since Jeff says he is a Spanish tutor, that Jeff can do all his homework for him. In order to calm the study group down, Jeff compliments them all including saying to Troy that astronauts want to impress their high school prom king. Later, Troy is impressed with Jeff's answer to Troy's dilemma on whether to wear his high school letterman jacket or not.

"Spanish 101": Troy is excited to see Jeff enter the study room and greets him with "word them up!".

"Introduction to Film": Jeff convinces a number of those in the study group to join him in Professor Whitman's "easy A" class including Troy. In his first day in class, after seeing how easy it is Troy reaches out to Jeff for a fist bump. Jeff reciprocates but says "never again". Later, when Jeff catches Troy and Abed dancing in the study room, Troy says they are krumping. Jeff disagrees and shows them how it is done.

"Social Psychology": Troy calls Jeff "Doctor Doogie Seacrest" and that he thinks he is better than everyone else because he is 40 when he and Abed are making fun of students outside the study room not knowing they can hear them. Jeff says he isn’t 40, that everyone can hear their insults and calls them morons.

"Football, Feminism and You": Initially, Jeff supports Troy in turning down an opportunity to play quarterback for the Greendale football team. However, after the Dean puts Jeff on the college recruiting posters, Jeff convinces Troy to play in order for the posters not to be used. This causes a conflict with Annie which makes Jeff feel guilty. He tries to get Troy to quit football at a pep rally but Troy is OK playing because the standards at Greendale are so low there is no pressure on him. Troy passes wisdom to Jeff by saying he should accept he is at Greendale and relax.

"Introduction to Statistics": Troy asks Jeff to leave the faculty Halloween party to help Pierce and then acknowledges Professor Michelle Slater as "pretty hot". Later, he catches Jeff with Slater in front of Borchert Hall and gets him to save Pierce from his fort of chairs.

"Home Economics": When Jeff is kicked out of his condo, Troy says he'd offer for Jeff to stay at his place but his Dad is kind of racist.

"Environmental Science": The study group tries to get Jeff to talk to Chang about easing up on homework. Jeff dissuades them but it is Troy who points out Jeff is convincing and gets him to relent. When the group finds out Jeff is partying with Chang to get good grades for himself only, Troy says Jeff has a weird forehead.

"Comparative Religion": Troy helps Jeff get ready for a fight with school bully Mike Chilada by teaching him the Forrest Whitaker stare and "what's up?".

"Romantic Expressionism": Jeff tells Troy (in secret) a number of things about Annie to make Troy interested in her. After Troy blows his attempt to attract Annie, Troy yells at Jeff (and Britta). Later with the study group present, Troy says that Jeff got "weirdly specific" when describing Annie's body.

"Physical Education": When Abed does an impression of Jeff (with Jeff present), Troy compliments him on it. Troy then asks why Jeff isn't in billiards class which prompts an angry eruption from Jeff.

Season TwoEdit

You just lost, you just lost a game! You just lost, you just lost a game, with Troy!''

–Troy to Jeff, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

School year synopsis

Jeff starts his second year at Greendale dealing with the fallout from the previous year's "Tranny Dance". Britta's popularity among Greendale women makes Jeff very unpopular (since he rejected her) which Troy takes advantage of by siding with the women. Jeff initially resists Troy's command of The Eleven Herbs & Space Experience but comes to respect him as captain. At Halloween, Jeff influences Troy into changing his costume from geeky to sexy.

2010 - 2011 semester

"Anthropology 101": After Britta declaring herself the people's champion and is a hit with Greendale women for her rejection by Jeff at the previous year's "Tranny Dance", Troy apologies to Jeff and then calls him a jerk to be popular with the women.

"Accounting for Lawyers": At the "Pop and Locktober Fest", after Troy tags in for Chang, Jeff tags in for Troy and they pair up for some dance moves.

"The Psychology of Letting Go": After the Study Group learns Pierce's mom died and discuss how his Reformed Neo Buddhism religion doesn't address her death, Jeff tells them to let Pierce have his beliefs and that they should all be cool like him. Troy says Jeff ends a lot of his speeches that way. Later, Jeff takes Troy (and Pierce) for ice cream in his car.

"Basic Rocket Science": Troy takes command of The Eleven Herbs & Space Experience and tries to get Jeff to take his station. Jeff makes fun of Troy but eventually comes to respect his opinion and calls him Captain. Once the mission is over, Jeff hugs Troy and gives him a "complisult" on his ability to be a real astronaut.

"Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples": In the end tag, Troy dresses the same as Jeff and copies what he says.

"Epidemiology": At Halloween, Jeff makes fun of Troy's "Alien" costume so Troy changes to a "sexy Dracula". Later, Troy, Jeff and Abed try to escape the students who have become zombies by running into the basement. Troy is the only one to escape and before he succumbs to the infection he says Jeff is still cool as a zombie.

Season ThreeEdit

Well they...they look alike!

Uh, I guess they share one important feature in your eyes.

–Jeff mistakes a rapper for Professor Kane and Troy calls him out on it, "Biology 101"

School year synopsis

Jeff and Troy join their study group for a third year at Greendale. Initially Jeff is separated from the group when he's kicked out of Professor Kane's Biology class. Although Jeff is ultimately reinstated, he made inadvertent racist remarks which offended Troy and Shirley. Jeff and Troy would later help Annie win a model U.N. competition. A Biology assignment pairing them with other members of the group found them wanting to switch lab partners. Later, Troy invited Jeff and the study group to a housewarming party to celebrate his new place with Abed. While Troy was considering a tempting offer, Jeff confronted Pierce's father and caused him to have a critical heart attack. In December, Jeff and Troy were persuaded to perform at the school's Christmas pageant alongside the rest of the study group. After the holidays they attended Shirley wedding and at Troy's behest Jeff and the study group helped Abed settle his debts with a local businessman. When relations between Troy and Abed worsened this led to a campus civil war and Jeff intervened to help them become friends again.

2011 - 2012 semester

Season FourEdit

"Please contribute."

Season FiveEdit

"Please contribute."

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