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Staff/Faculty ID
Portrayed by: JERRY MINOR
First appearance: "English as a Second Language"
Last appearance: "Basic Human Anatomy"
Date of birth: Unknown
Home town: Unknown
Occupation: Janitor

LISTEN TO ME! Toilets and sinks...REAL THINGS! Things that people always use and always need to get fixed! This is a life, kid. A real one. Doing something that matters, something that makes sense!
— Jerry to Troy, "English as a Second Language"

Jerry is a janitor at Greendale Community College who takes a special interest in Troy after seeing his impressive skills as a repairman. Jerry becomes a mentor of sorts to him recognizing the potential in Troy and not wanting to see his potential to be a successful plumber wasted. He later tries to keep Troy away from the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School. Jerry's first appearance was in the Season One episode "English as a Second Language". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Jerry Minor.


YOU COULD BE A PLUMBER!!!...[stares at his reflection in a mirror] could be a plumber...

–Jerry, "English as a Second Language"

Season OneEdit

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Jerry and another janitor were trying to fix a broken water fountain in the school's hallway. While they took a break, Troy Barnes happened upon the dismantled water fountain and was able to easily repair it with one of their wrenches. Jerry and the other janitor then returned and yelled at Troy who fled. They then realized he easily fixed what they had been struggling to repair. Jerry decided to test Troy making a cake available outside a restroom with no utensils. This forced him to wash his hands inside the restroom where he managed to repair a sink Jerry disabled. Jerry appeared, complimented his abilities and handed Troy a card of a plumbing company. He insisted that a stable career was preferable to the uncertainty of life after college. Troy ignored his pleas and after he left Abed came out of one of the stalls, washed his hands and said hello to Jerry ("English as a Second Language").

Honestly I don't know how we're going to top it next year.


Oh I got a pitch why use guns? Use a hose and spray the whole school with paint, every inch of it!

–Jerry, "For A Few Paintballs More"

Season TwoEdit

In the study group's second year together at Greendale, Jerry is seen in the hallways of the school cleaning up the aftermath of the paintball war between Greendale and its rival City College. Still covered in orange paint and enjoying a soft drink, Abed finishes relating the story of how battle ended with Pierce saving the day. Jerry sarcastically mentions that they all seemed to have fun and Abed agrees replying he doesn't know how they will top it next year. Jerry suggests that instead of using guns next time they should use hoses. Abed tells him they already did that in the library and was surprised that Jerry hadn't seen it yet. Abed finishes his drink and looks around for a garbage can to dispose of it but Jerry tells him to just drop it anywhere. Abed then asks him if he has plans for the summer. Jerry tells him no and Abed leaves completely unaware at how angry the janitor is at the huge mess he has top clean up. ("For A Few Paintballs More").

You listen to me, what you have is a gift and some people are going to try to take advantage of that gift. Promise me you use it for good!

–Jerry to Troy, "Advanced Gay"

Season ThreeEdit

Jerry next appears in the study group's third year at school repairing a machine in the cafeteria. While waiting in the chow line, Troy sees his frustration at trying to fix the broken device and offers some advice. Jerry follows his directions and when he turns the machine on it starts functioning perfectly. Impressed again with Troy's abilities, Jerry then catches up to him. He tells him that while he respects his decision to remain a student over becoming a plumber, he wants another chance to try and convince him otherwise. He asks Troy to meet him on the third floor men's restroom tomorrow and help him unclog a toilet; if he feels nothing for the work afterwards he'll never bother him about it again. Troy reluctantly agrees hoping to put an end to the matter once and for all. The next day, the two meet up in the restroom and having successfully fixed the toilet together Troy discovers, much to his surprise, that he enjoyed the work.

After admitting this to Jerry, they are both startled by the sudden appearance of a mysterious man wearing coveralls. He compliments Troy on his repairman skills which prompts a angry reaction from Jerry who yells at the man to go away immediately. He departs amused leaving a furious Jerry and a baffled Troy who asks the janitor what that was all about. With dead seriousness, Jerry grabs Troy and tells him that certain people will want to exploit his gifts and that he should only use his abilities for good. After he agrees, Jerry asks Troy to accompany him to the second floor restroom as someone wrecked the sink by pooping in it. Later that day, Jerry is concerned about Troy's welfare and visits the Group Study Room F asking the study group if they had seen him unaware that he had been kidnapped by the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School. He later finds Troy at the "Gay Bash" where he is repairing the air conditioning unit.

He confronts Troy telling him that he should ignore everything the school promised him as he can have those same things by being a plumber instead. Troy questions why he is so against them and Jerry says it's because they are arrogant elitists who think they are more special then everyone else. This upsets Troy who angrily tells him that he is special and doesn't want to end up a loser like Jerry. A shocked Jerry is stunned by his response and and sadly watched as Troy stormed off ("Advanced Gay"). Towards the end of the semester, Jerry is seen with fellow janitor Crazy Schmidt cleaning up the Biology lab. While discussing the details of Shmidt's imaginary love life, he makes a shocking discovery. One of the Biology yam projects had been horribly smushed which ended up turning the classroom into a crime scene ("Basic Lupine Urology").

Yes Lord Rickell, I was indeed down by the stables and...Damn man! Ain't you ever heard of knocking?

–Jerry, "Basic Human Anatomy"

Season FourEdit

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Jerry and the rest of the school's custodial staff were having a "Murder Mystery" night during the day. Jeff and Troy interrupted their game and Crazy Schmidt who was dressed in drag yelled to kill the pair since they had seen too much. Jerry, who was dressed like Sherlock Holmes, explained what they were doing despite Jeff saying he'd rather they didn't know. Jeff then asked if they knew where a missing DVD of "Freaky Friday" he and Troy were looking for would end up if the custodial staff came across it in the study room. Jerry proclaimed his love of those type of body switching films much to Jeff's annoyance. He then explained that the DVD might have been put in the lost and found room. He led the pair to the room in question and before leaving warned them that amidst the mess to be found in there was a load bearing pile ("Basic Human Anatomy").


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