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Visitor Pass
Norbert Archwood
aka "Uncle Nobby"
Portrayed by: Michael Ironside
First appearance: "Basic Lupine Urology"
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, J.A.G.
Reason for visit: Defend his nephew against charges of sabotage
Family: Todd Jacobson (nephew)

This is ridiculous. This whole school is ridiculous. Who honors the pinky swear of a degenerate over the word of a decorated soldier?
Lieutenant Colonel Archwood

Lieutenant Colonel Norbert Archwood is Todd's former Commanding Officer in the United States army, a veteran of two wars and a licensed attorney. He comes to Todd's defense when Troy and Abed's investigation into the study group's sabotaged yam project for Biology 101 brings up Todd as the prime suspect. ("Basic Lupine Urology")

Character historyEdit

On their third year at Greendale, the study group's Biology 101 yam project seemed to have been sabotaged. After some investigation by Troy and Abed they found that Star-Burns was an eye witness's to the crime. He put the blame on Todd Jacobson, a student who bore a grudge against the group due to an earlier bad encounter with them ("Competitive Ecology"). Todd was brought to the Biology classroom before Professor Marshall Kane to answer for his crimes. Before he could defend himself, Lieutenant Colonel Norbert Archwood stepped in and stopped the proceedings. He announced himself as having been Todd's C.O. while he was in the army. He also stated his credentials as a lawyer and was now here acting as Todd's attorney.

Archwood asked what the charges were against his client and soon the entire matter was brought before Dean Pelton in his office. Jeff, acting as the prosecuting attorney on behalf of the study group, stated that Star-Burns saw Todd flee the crime scene. Archwood challenged that their eye witness had no alibi himself for having been there and could be the guilty party. Pelton demanded Jeff reveal why Star-Burns was there but he refused as Troy and Abed had promised him immunity. Archwood is angered wondering why they would take a degenerates word over a decorated soldier like Todd. Pelton then threatens to fail the entire study group unless Jeff came clean about Star-Burns.


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