Liquid nitrogen cylinder

  Liquid nitrogen cooled cylinder  
First appearance: "Cooperative Polygraphy" — Owned by: Members of The Study GroupUsed by: no one...yet
Purpose: to contain hyper-virile sperm— Made by: Pierce Hawthorne   PHOTO ICON

I also leave to you this liquid nitrogen cooled cylinder of my hyper virile sperm in case your lesbian lifestyle one day wears out and you wish to raise an army of geniuses.
Mr.Stone, "Cooperative Polygraphy"

Liquid nitrogen cylinder close up
Liquid nitrogen cooled cylinder
Liquid nitrogen cylinders are metallic dewars filled with cryogenic materials which are used to preserve fluid contained inside. Pierce Hawthorne had a seminal idea and purchased several of these items to be given as bequeathals to his study group once he passed away. For Pierce, customizing the cylinders for the group members became a labor of love. With his own hands he worked hard to put a little bit of himself into each canister. Although it was undoubtedly a pleasurable experience, the extra efforts he went to ironically and ultimately proved fatal to him. The Liquid nitrogen cylinders first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Cooperative Polygraphy".


In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Pierce Hawthorne passed away. As per instructions in his will, a private inquest into his death was led by a Mr.Stone after his funeral. Once the study group was finished being interrogated through polygraphy, Stone bestowed some final words and gifts Pierce left for his friends. Along with each personal bequeathal they also each received Liquid nitrogen cooled cylinders Pierce had prepared for them before his passing. Contained inside each one was what Pierce referred to as his "hyper virile" sperm. He had hoped his friends would take advantage of this token of his generosity and possibly breed an "army of geniuses".

Britta was the first to receive a canister after being bequeathed a iPod nano along with some advice about not hating herself so much. Shirley was next to get one along with Pierce's timeshare in Florida. Annie was told she was always Pierce's favorite before receiving her canister and was also requeathed a tiara he had tried to give her years ago. After having his sexuality questioned again, Jeff got his own cylinder in addition on to a bottle of 40 year old scotch. Abed was the only one not to receive something else besides sperm, he was simply told that Pierce thought he was crazy and never understood anything he said. Troy was the last to receive Pierce's obligatory "donation" and expressed his disappointment.

Although he appreciated the sentiment involved in the end it was still just an old man's semen. Stone then told Troy that Pierce always felt he had the heart of a hero and revealed his personal bequeathal was Hawthorne Wipes shares valued at 14.3 million dollars. The only stipulation was that he complete a task Pierce was given by his father when he was Troy's age: to sail around the world. Jeff told Troy that he could easily contest the provision but Troy readily accepted the terms of the will. Afterwards, Mr. Stone went out drinking with the study group and was asked by Britta how Pierce died. Stone explains that the cause was actually dehydration due to having filled up all the liquid nitrogen cooled cylinders with his semen ("Cooperative Polygraphy").

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