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First appearance: "App Development and Condiments"Owned by: Mobile device users — Used by: Anyone with 99 cents
Purpose: Social Networking app— Made by: jammyPow

MeowMeowBeenz™ takes everything subjective and unspoken about human interaction and reduces it to explicit, objective numbers. I've never felt so alive.
Abed, "App Development and Condiments

MeowMeowBeenz app
MeowMeowBeenz™ is a social networking application created by developers David and Bixel from the company jammyPow™. It was a software downloadable for mobile devices whose purpose was to allow its users to assign a rank to anything. The range would be a scale of one to five with with five being the best score possible and one being the worst. Each rank point is referred to as a single "MeowMeowBeen" and symbolized by different colored cat logos of the product. An unexpected result of the Greendale campus beta testing the software led to the creation of a new society based upon the app. "MeowMeowBeenz"™ first appearance was in the Season Five episode "App Development and Condiments".


In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Dean Pelton allowed a beta testing of a new mobile device application called MeowMeowBeenz™. On its first day of testing the social networking ranking app became a hit. Everyone at school became obsessed with using it and started trying to improve their own personal scores. As their rank increased, the users standing in real life began to improve in relation. On its second day of testing, those who achieved the highest status of Five MeowMeowBeenz became important figures and highly influential on the lower ranked users. By the eighth day of testing, a new society emerged on campus with the app as the foundation of its tenets. The few who earned Five MeowMeowBeenz banded together at the top of the new institution.

A social class structure formed with the Fives at the top, the Fours and Threes serving them, the Twos reduced to menial labor and the Ones ejected from Greendale and banished to the "Outlands". Attempts by the lower ranked users to attain a level Five status were squashed with those in charge protecting their positions. Sensing that there was unrest from the proletariat, a suggestion was made by one of the Fives to give them a distraction. A talent show was announced where anyone who wanted to be promoted could perform and be ranked by everyone. The de facto leader of the Fives used it as an opportunity to give the lower numbers hope whole eliminating potential threats to her authority. However, much to her surprise one lone candidate managed to overcome the odds.

He entertained everyone with a comedy act including the majority of the Fives and earned himself a promotion into their ranks. However, his ascension unexpectedly brought about the downfall of the society. During the "NewBeenz" induction ceremony into the Fives, the initiate got into a heated argument with the leader of the group. This disrupted the tranquility of the other Five members who immediately down voted both of them. They lost their status and were sent out into the "Outlands". At the same time, a number Two ranked militant revolutionary rallied her fellow lower ranked numbers. Her fiery passion against the Fives regime, aided by a bit of strategically placed condiment, inspired her contemporaries to follow her lead and rebel.

The rebel army overthrew the "Fives" and a tribunal was quickly formed to punish them. They were read a list of their transgressions against the low numbered users before being stripped of their rank. The "Fives" were banished to the "Outlands" replacing the "Ones" who had been sent there under their authority. The recently promoted Five who was demoted to a One returned to witness the trials. He pointed out the the one thing that truly deserved punishment was the "MeowMeowBeenz" app itself. In order to bring a true end to this oppressive society he proposed that the app be removed from all of their phones. Everyone in attendence agreed and the app was quickly deleted. Life on campus eventually returned to normal and the former MeowMeowBeenz users moved on to the next popular trends ("App Development and Condiments").

MeowMeowBeenz societyEdit

Fives have lives. Fours have chores. Threes have fleas. Twos have blues and Ones don't get a rhyme, because they're garbage.

–Dean Pelton

MeowMeowBeenz rankings
The MeowMeowBeenz symbol rankings: Black=One, Grey=Two, Blue=Three, Yellow=Four, White=Five
The "MeowMeowBeenz" application unintentionally created a new society on the Greendale campus based on the rankings each user attained. A social caste system formed with the Fives slowly gaining actual power in real life to go along with their popularity. Although the rankings fluctuated at the beginning of the apps use, eventually a clear pecking order emerged. A select number of Fives established their dominance making sure to maintain their postion by using their influence to sway opinions. This group was lead by Shirley Bennet who was one of the first students to reach Five status.

5X8 The Fives living in style
The Fives enjoy their perks
The style and decor of the campus is given a futuristic look as the new society took over the school. The "MeowMeowBeenz" logo became a prolific symbol on campus plastered on posters and graffiti on the walls of the school. All users were equipped with wrist cell phone holders with the app opened to their current rank as a form of ID. Specific uniforms were mandated for each social rank to denote the users standing. The Fives headquarters were located in the study room while the Twos and Threes congregated in the student lounge. The Ones were ejected from any school building and cast out into the "Outlands".

MeowMeowBeenz ID
MeowMeowBeenz ID

The FivesEdit

The Fives wear white gowns and slippers along with fancy ornamentation. Like all users, they are equipped with wrist cell phone holders which prominently display their rank . Shirley Bennett is by default the leader of the group as the other Fives respect her seniority as she was the first one to attain a Five rank. They all enjoy the spoils that their power and influence affords them living in luxury far above the rest of the campus. Together the Fives dictate campus policy and their orders are blindly carried out by the lower numbered users.

The Fives fancy future dance ceremony
The Fives fancy future dance ceremony

The members include:

The FoursEdit

The Fours wear togas of varying colors along with matching nylon tights, sandals and decorative ornamentation. Like all users, they are equipped with wrist cell phone holders which prominently display their rank. They serve closely under the Fives in an administrative or entertainment capacity. Annie Edison seems to have been given a higher status among the Fours as she deals directly with Shirley Bennett as her assistant. The Fours have some authority given to them by the Fives to boss the Threes and Twos around.

Group of Fours
A group of Fours taunt a Two

The members include:

The ThreesEdit

The Threes wear grey and black turtle neck sweaters with arm bands on featuring the MeowMeowBeenz™ logo. Like all users, they are equipped with wrist cell phone holders which prominently display their rank. They are also armed with stun guns as they are the security/police force of the regime.

The Threes
The Threes removing a Two

The members include:

The TwosEdit

The Twos wear grey shirts and slacks. They carry out menial labor such as serving the Fives food. They are not allowed in certain sections of the school. The members include:

The OnesEdit

The ones don't have a uniform. They are the dregs of society who haven't or cannot earn a higher number. They are banished from the campus buildings and forced to fend for themselves in the "Outlands". The members include:

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