5X2 Sad Dean ing

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  ♫Microsoft Excel  
CD Cover

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: Unknown  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: "Introduction to Teaching"

Mais Excel ne sera pas appris aujourd'hui. Mes pensés sont français.
— Dean Pelton

5X2 Sad Dean ing
The Dean crying and thinking in French.
In the study group's fifth year at Greendale and Jeff's first year as a law teacher, the Dean continually solicited Jeff's help to learn Microsoft Excel. As the "Save Greendale Committee" sat for a meeting and the Dean saw himself on the outside looking in, he lamented a song in French in his mind.

The song with lyrics in French and English translationEdit


Je suis seul parce qu'il n'apprend pas Excel

Je meurs seul parce qu'il n'apprend pas Excel

Comme les marines, qui fument cigarettes sur la canal, ah.

Mais Excel ne sera pas appris aujourd'hui

Mes pensés sont français.
I'm lonely because he's not learning Excel

I'm dying because he's not learning Excel

Like the sailors who smoke cigarettes on the canal, ah.

But Excel won't be learned today

My thoughts are French.

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