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Staff/Faculty ID
Nicole close up
First appearance: "Environmental Science"
Last appearance: "Course Listing Unavailable"
Date of birth: Unknown
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Department: School Administration
Position: Secretary

Oh, now he wants to talk?!
Angela, "Anthropology 101"

Nicole is a receptionist in the Administrations office at Greendale Community College and sometimes assists Dean Pelton in special projects he undertakes. Her first appearance was in the Season One episode "Environmental Science" although her first name is not mentioned until Season Three. She is portrayed by actress Abigail Marlowe.

Character historyEdit

During the study group's first year at Greendale, Dean Pelton announced to the student body in the cafeteria the start of what he hoped would become a new annual tradition called "Green Week". By his side was Nicole who had printed posters promoting the event, each one bearing the temporary name of the school "Envirodale". Star-Burns pointed out that the name change was unnecessary due to the school's name already being Greendale. Dean Pelton then orders Nicole to destroy the posters and create new ones. She objects saying 5000 posters had already been made but the Dean insists claiming to want to save the planet and not realizing the hypocrisy of his actions. She later interrupts Dean Pelton as he is watching a dalmatian video in his office to announce the arrival of the band they hired to perform for the Green Week rally. It turns out not to be an American punk rock band, but instead a group known as Greene Daeye who were an Irish folk band ("Environmental Science").

Nicole later appears at the beginning of the Fall 2011 school year sitting alongside other female admirers of Britta. They all respected how she proclaimed her love for Jeff at the Tranny Dance believing Britta to be the victim of unrequited feelings. When Jeff approached their table, Nicole responded with disdain at his request to talk to Britta alone ("Anthropology 101"). She was next seen towards the end of the Spring 2012 school year. She had some bad news for Dean Pelton and handed him the official resignation of the Biology professor, Marshall Kane ("Course Listing Unavailable").

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