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Season finale vibe

     Pascal's Triangle Revisited  
Director: Joe Russo — Writer: Hilary Winston — Aired: May 20, 2010 — Season: One — Number: Twenty Five
Summary: As the school year ends, Jeff finds himself caught in the middle as Slater and Britta compete for his affection. Meanwhile, Troy can't understand Abed's refusal for them to move in together.


Oh, and for the record, there was an episode of 'Happy Days' where a guy literally jumped over a shark — and it was THE BEST ONE!"
Jeff arrives at Greendale in his battered Lexus for the last day of the school. As he walks across campus, he encounters various people from school and greets them fondly. He runs into Annie who is with her boyfriend Vaughn. She decides to join Jeff as since they are both headed to the study room. Dean Pelton suddenly shows up asking them if they plan on going to this year's Transfer Dance. It's the last dance of the year where they celebrate students who are moving on to four year colleges. Back in the study room, Troy reveals to the group that his father is kicking him out of the house in order to make room for his younger girlfriend. Abed ignores Troy's hints that he would like to move into his dorm room as Jeff and Annie show up.

PTR-Jeff's Changed up Lexus
Jeff's Lexus is still Chang'd up.
They announce the news that Britta has benn nominated for the title of "Transfer Queen" at the upcoming dance. Dean Pelton then drops by with the update that the dance has been renamed the "Tranny Dance". Later at Britta's mandated therapy session with Professor Duncan, he encourages her to compete for the title. He thinks it will help her get over some of her psychological hangups. Britta angrily ends the session as Ben Chang, who is now a student, shows up. Britta complains to him about Duncan's suggestion only to be insulted when Chang warns her not to wear too much lipstick like she did at the last dance. After she leaves, Change asks for Ian's help to cheat in his classes. In response Duncan ruthlessly mocks him instead reveling in the humor of Chang's current situation.

PTR-Brittas session
Britta in her last mandatory therapy
session with Professor Ian Duncan
Meanwhile, Jeff bumps into Professor Slater on his way to class. She admits she made a mistake breaking up with him and asks for another chance. The study group later attends a keg party hosted by Abed in his dorm. Troy tries again to drop hints to Abed about moving in with him but is ignored for a second time. Vaughn arrives at the party with some news for Annie. He has just been invited to join the nation's best college hacky sack team located in Delaware. Inside the dorm room, Jeff tries to flirt with Britta who is oblivious. Things become more awkward when Slater joins them and Jeff senses the animosity between the two women. Britta then suddenly announces to Michelle her intentions to run for Tranny Queen.

PTR-Shirley's First Keg Stand
Shirley celebrates her first keg stand.
That night at the Transfer Dance, it becomes clear that Britta and Slater are openly competing for Jeff's affections. At the same time, Duncan continues to taunt Chang mercilessly. Chang has to restrain himself from physically retaliating out of fear that he will be expelled for hitting a teacher. Meanwhile, Annie announces to the group that she will be going to Delaware for the summer with Vaughn. Privately, she tells Jeff that she is not merely going for the summer but intends to transfer to Delaware because she wants to try and live in the moment. Later, Pierce talks to Troy about his living situation and offers to let him to move into his mansion.

PTR-Britta VS Slater
Um, guys? Cleanest face ever.
At the study room, Troy finds Abed and asks him why they can't live together. Abed replies that living together would put too much of a strain on their friendship. He advises that Troy go ahead and move in with Pierce. Since theirs is a more casual acquaintance, them constantly being together won't put as much stress on their friendship. Troy leaves upset and confused over Abed's explanation. Back at the dance, Britta is preparing for the competition with Shirley's help. Shirley admonishes Britta's actions, telling her that she should stop competing with Slater and just be honest with Jeff about her feelings. Later, Annie says her goodbyes to the group and leaves with Vaughn.

PTR Vaughn and Annie say goodbye to the group
Vaughn and Annie say goodbye to the study group.
As the Tranny Queen contest starts, Britta has an embarrassing misunderstanding during the roll call for the participants. Britta then sees Slater kissing Jeff and grabs the microphone away from Dean Pelton. She then publicly declares that she loves Jeff which prompts Slater to also confesses her love for Jeff as well. The students on hand turn to him for a response, however, Jeff finds himself unable to choose. A very drunk Duncan steals the spotlight away by grabbing the microphone and improvising a lewd rap. Pelton suspends him for his behavior which allows Chang to assault Duncan now that he's no longer on staff.

PTR I love you
"I love you!"
With everyone's attention drawn to the fight, Jeff quietly exits as both Britta and Slater watch him leave. Meanwhile, Troy becomes sick from eating a giant cookie and finally understands what Abed was trying to tell him: too much of a good thing is sometimes bad. He then accepts Pierce's invitation to move in with him. Outside the dance, Jeff is surprised when he runs into Annie. She explains that despite her wanting to live in the moment, Greendale is where she belongs. After a heartfelt conversation about their respective relationships, Jeff tells Annie that he is glad she's staying and they hug. The two linger for a second afterwards causing Annie to impulsively plant a quick kiss on Jeff. Although stunned for a second, Jeff embraces Annie and kisses her back passionately.

Tumblr ma6ftrhB7F1rvzwqko4 250
The third option

End tagEdit

Some students watch a video yearbook by Abed featuring all the main study group members, complaining that they do not know any of these people.

Recurring themesEdit


  • That just happened: In the previous episode, Chang was revealed to be a fraud as a teacher and now has enrolled at Greendale to get a real degree like Jeff.
  • Returning students: This episode sees the return of Garrett, Vaughn, Leonard, Eric, Linda, and Star-Burns. Actor Matt L. Jones also returns as the character known as "Stoner friend".
  • Returning faculty: This episode sees the return of Professor Whitman, Professor Duncan, and Professor Slater.
  • A sweet ride: Jeff's Lexus is still damaged from Chang's assault with his keytar in the previous episode "English as a Second Language".
  • Replay: Chang's meeting with Duncan mirrors Jeff's meeting with Duncan in the first episode.
  • School supplies:
    • Abed is wearing a sword at his kegger which originally appeared in "Communication Studies".
    • Throughout the episode, Troy is seen eating a large cookie provided at the school dance.
  • School song: Pierce plays the school song "The Way It Is" at the Tranny Dance. He wrote the song in the episode "Advanced Criminal Law".
  • Googly eyes: Jeff's relationships with Slater, Britta and Annie are explored in this episode.
  • Discontinuity:
    • When Vaughn says goodbye to Jeff he says "Sayonara, Konbanwa" Konbanwa is a greeting and it means "good evening".
    • Abed's observations about Jeff's relationships with Slater and Britta in the previous episode "Communication Studies" is retconned in this episode. He had earlier stated Britta was the one motivating Jeff to change for the better and Slater was the one who accepted him as is. Jeff agrees with his assessment but then changes his mind and reverses the two women's roles in this episode. Creator Dan Harmon acknowledged the discrepancy and offered an explanation for it in this interview.
  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with Jeff kissing Annie, the repercussions of which are dealt with in the Season Two premiere.
  • Middle Eastern Magic 8 Ball: Abed's worries about his friendship with Troy being strained if they move in together become true in Season Three, starting with a realization that they spend too much time together in "Competitive Ecology" and culminating into an outright war (with Robert Laybourne's help) in "Pillows and Blankets".

Running gagsEdit

  • You're the worst: Shirley's unseen friend Gary is mentioned. Everyone is glad that he is transferring schools.
  • Pansexual imp: Dean Pelton's Dalmatian fetish comes to a head in this episode.
  • Nice outfit: Dean Pelton's personal ad is answered by two people wearing Dalmatian costumes.
  • Visual aids: At the Tranny Dance, Troy is seen eating a giant cookie that gets progressively smaller each time he appears onscreen.
  • Like an evil genie:
    • Right after Jeff says to Annie "not much can ruin today", the dean emerges from the bushes.
    • Later, when Shirley tells a similar phrase to Britta, the dean enters the study room, interrupting the conversation.

Pop culture referencesEdit

  • Alert nerd!: Abed brings up the trope of "Jumping The Shark" when explaining to Troy why they can't move in together.
  • Use your allusion:
    • Abed turning off the lights in the study room is a reference to the last episode of "Cheers", where Sam Malone ended the show by turning the lights off in the bar.
    • Linda Greene from The Greendale Gooffaws urges Jeff to choose Britta by saying "Team Britta", a reference to the vampire novel series "Twilight".
    • Chang tells Duncan that he will find a loophole and kill him, a reference to "Lost" and The Rules.

Meta referencesEdit

  • Parody: The episode was meant to be a take on teenage soap operas like "Dawson's Creek ", particularly the love triangle aspects of those shows.
  • Up against the wall:
    • Pierce asks Troy "What happened to us?" This is an overt reference to the fact that the writers had originally intended for Pierce and Troy to be best friends. When the Troy/Abed pairing was shown to have great chemistry, that idea was dropped. In this episode the writers decided to revisit this idea by having Troy move in with Pierce.
    • When Dean Pelton announces the candidates for Tranny Queen, he says the name "Danielle Harmon", a reference to the show's creator Dan Harmon.
  • Current events: Star-Burns yells out "Bring Conan back!", a reference to NBC, who, at the time, had removed Conan O'Brien as host of "The Tonight Show." (See Résumé)
  • Résumé: Dino Stamatopoulos (Star-Burns) was a writer for Conan from '93 to '99


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I hope he transfers to hell.Troy, after finding out that Shirley's friend Gary is transferring schools.
So you think I'd feel better about myself if I got all sexed up, went over there and really tried to be crowned Queen of the Dingbats?Britta
Wow. Guess you really get what you pay for with free therapy.Britta
Ouch. That stung a little bit. Thanks.Duncan
Señor Chang, is there a word in Spanish for someone who used to pretend to be a professor but was a teacher but wasn't actually a teacher and is now a student? Is there a word for that? Oh, if it was in Spanish, you wouldn't know, would you?Duncan
Oh, and for the record, there was an episode of Happy Days where a guy literally jumped over a shark. And it was the best one.Troy
Jeff needs a girl who doesn't just not wear underwear because Oprah told her it would spice things up. He needs a girl who doesn't wear underwear because she hasn't done laundry in three weeks. He's been to flavor country now. They should retire the table we did it on.Britta
Season One Episodes

1. "Pilot"
2. "Spanish 101"
3. "Introduction to Film"
4. "Social Psychology"
5. "Advanced Criminal Law"
6. "Football, Feminism and You"
7. "Introduction to Statistics"
8. "Home Economics"
9. "Debate 109"
10. "Environmental Science"
11. "The Politics of Human Sexuality"
12. "Comparative Religion"
13. "Investigative Journalism"

14. "Interpretive Dance"
15. "Romantic Expressionism"
16. "Communication Studies"
17. "Physical Education"
18. "Basic Genealogy"
19. "Beginner Pottery"
20. "The Science of Illusion"
21. "Contemporary American Poultry"
22. "The Art of Discourse"
23. "Modern Warfare"
24. "English as a Second Language"
25. "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"


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