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Dr. Patrick Isakson
Portrayed by: Dan Harmon
First appearance: Greendale's First Straight A: Accessibility
Home town: Boise, ID
Occupation: Dean of Admissions, professor of Women's Studies

Greendale will blow your mind and your body. Won't you get to know us better?
— Dr. Patrick Isakson, "Greendale's First Straight A: Accessibility

S1-Patrick Isakson
Isakson as portrayed
by Dan Harmon
Dr. Patrick Isakson is the Dean of Admissions and a professor of Women's Studies at Greendale Community College. He received his bachelor's degree in Women's Studies from Colorado State in 1995. It is unknown where he received his doctorate, but he currently works at Greendale. He starred in Greendale's The 5 As videos, promoting the school. Although he seems at first clam and easy going, he is shown to have a violent temper. Isakson is portrayed by Community creator Dan Harmon.


Before the study group enrolled set Greendale, Dr. Patrick Isakson took part in a series of promotional videos for the school called "The 5 A's".


  • Patrick's favorite movies are Children of the Corn, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. ("[[1]]")
  • Patrick's guilty pleasure is Koosh balls. ("[[2]]")
  • Patrick told himself that if he had a baby girl, he'd name it Elizabeth Cady Stanton. But he named his cat Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and "she is a little nightmare!"

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