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  Abed Nadir : Danny Pudi  Antagonists   Friends     Pierce Hawthorne: Chevy Chase  
  Status:friends, antagonists  -  First appearance: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"

I hate you.
— Abed, "Conventions of Space and Time"

300px-Abed and Pierce
Chevy Chase and Danny Pudi as
Pierce and Abed
Pierce and Abed were two study group members who interacted the least. Pierce was confused by Abed's constant pop culture and meta references. Pierce often mocked Abed's eccentricities and would pronounce his name as "Ay-bad". Like the rest of the study group, Abed tolerated Pierce's comments and didn't take them seriously. Abed also understood that a part of Pierce's treatment of him was the fact he was jealous of his friendship with Troy. Pierce and Abed's first appearance together was in the Season One episode "Pilot". Pierce was portrayed by Chevy Chase and Abed is portrayed by Danny Pudi.

Pairing historyEdit

Season OneEdit

Ay-bad, Ay-bad the Arab! Heh, that inappropriate?

–Pierce and Abed, "Pilot"

School year synopsis

Abed Nadir was invited by his fellow classmate Britta Perry to a Spanish study group. He in turn invited Pierce Hawthorne along with several other members of their class to attend as well. Once everyone met up in the study room, Pierce took it upon himself to handle the introductions. He got everyone but Shirley's name wrong and mispronounced Abed's name referring to him as "Ay-bad the Arab". Individually they both went to great lengths to become Jeff's friend. Eventually Abed became closer to Troy while Pierce grew resentful of Jeff's constant rejection. On Halloween, Abed saved both Pierce and Jeff from a collapsing desk fort. Along with the rest of study group Pierce helped Abed try to woo a fellow student named Jenny Adams. He also went to a "Kickpuncher" movie viewing party and failed to amuse the other guests with his commentary. When Abed created a Chicken Finger mafia he had Pierce bribe Dean Pelton to protect their distribution network of the popular food item. During the annual paintball contest Pierce forgoes his alliance with Star-Burns to join Jeff, Troy and Abed's group. At the end of the school year, Pierce attended a keg party thrown by Abed in his dorm room.

{{{years}}} semester
"Pilot": Pierce meets Abed and the rest of the study group.

"Debate 109": Abed's student films featuring doubles of the study group, including Pierce, seem to predict the future.

"Physical Education": Pierce and the study group try to get Abed ready to woo Jenny.

"Romantic Expressionism": Pierce attends a bad movie viewing party in Abed's dorm room.

"The Science of Illusion": At Jeff's behest, Abed gets a ridiculous costume for Pierce to wear and passes it off as ceremonial robes from his religion.

"Contemporary American Poultry": Pierce plays a vital role in a Mafia-esque group Abed forms.

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited": Pierce attends Abed's end of the year keg party

Season TwoEdit

Great. Look what you did to the kid. What's your article going to be called, "Worst Shrink Ever"?

–Pierce criticizing Duncan's psychotherapy techniques in Abed

School year synopsis

Pierce and Abed reunite with the study group for a second year at Greendale. Throughout the year Pierce finds himself inadvertently excluded from group activities. While forcing himself into a situation involving Jeff, Troy and a Trampoline, he ends up in a wheelchair with casts on both his broken legs. Annie's pen goes missing, the situation escalates to the point that Pierce's leg casts are searched. Abed restrained Pierce from using his wheelchair while Troy and Jeff cut open his casts. Before Winter break, Abed has a mental breakdown involving his mom not showing up for an annual tradition they shared. The study group help Abed through his issues with Pierce surprisingly playing a large role in this endeavor. When Jeff organizes a Dungeons & Dragons game to cheer up a depressed student named Neil he has Abed be the Dungeon Master. Pierce is excluded but forces his way into the game becoming it's villain and main antagonist. Pierce acquitted himself well in the role and Abed as D.M. was forced to follow through on some of his offensive instructions. On Valentine's Day, Pierce overdosed on pain medication and was brought to hospital. Although he was fine, Pierce pretended to be on his death bed to the rest of the study group. Only Abed knew the truth and went along with his scheme in order to film the incident. Later, Abed reveals that Jeff and Britta hooking up which upset Annie. She questions the Jeff argues she misinterpreted things and that Pierce and Abed had just as many moments as they had. Towards the end of the school year, a secret vote is held by the study group to determine if Pierce should be allowed to join them next semester. Abed voted along with the majority that he be excluded just as Pierce himself walked in on the voting process. This incident causes Pierce to officially quit the group when a scheme he tried to pull on his friends backfired during the annual paintball tournament.

{{{years}}} semester
"Paradigms of Human Memory": Abed prevents Pierce from using a breathing sensor control for his wheelchair so that Troy and Jeff can cut open his leg casts.

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": Abed believed the world was stop motion animated and had Pierce assume the character of "Teddy Pierce". In this imaginary role Pierce helps Abed confront the true reason behind his motivation to complete a Christmas themes quest.

"Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Pierce forces his way into a Dungeons & Dragons that Jeff had put together with the rest of the study group. Abed

"Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking":

Season ThreeEdit

Why would I be jealous?

Because you're lonely and crazy!''

–Pierce and Abed, "Remedial Chaos Theory"

School year synopsis

Abed and the study group welcome Pierce back after he changed his mind about his decision the previous semester due to having spent the summer meditating at his Budhist religion's retreat. When Abed calculates the popularity of the study group members he concludes Pierce is more liked than Shirley. Pierce is invited to Abed and Troy's house warming party intent on ruining it but ultimately changes his mind. At Christmas time Abed convinces Pierce to join he glee club through song. Pierce agrees to help clear Abed's debt with Vinnie by appearing as a clebrity look-a-like for a party. When Abed's pillow fort and Troy's blanket fort have a falling out, Pierce eventually joins Abed in the conflict. He suggest to Abed the creation of "Pillow Man" to help insure Pilow Towns victory.

{{{years}}} semester
"Biology 101": Pierce is welcomed back into the fold by Abed and everyone else in the study group.

"Remedial Chaos Theory": Pierce attends Abed and Troy's house warming party for thier new apartment.

"Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps": Pierce tells a horror story to the study group featuring himself of a cliché action hero and Abed as a sterotypical villain.

"Regional Holiday Music": Pierce is convinced by Abed and Troy to join the Glee Club and perform in the Christmas pageant.

"Contemporary Impressionists": Pierce and the study group agree to work as celebrity look-alikes fir a party to clear Abed's debt with Vinnie.

"Pillows and Blankets": Pierce joins Abed's Pillow Town forces and creates a WMD called "Pillow Man".

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit


Season OneEdit

Good grief, clear the chickens off the runway. I'll be the bad guy. Yes, Abed. You need to be someone else, someone who eventually gets a girlfriend because I can't think of anything more frightening than a half Polish/ half Arab virgin in his thirties. One way or the other, that story ends with an explosion!Pierce, "Physical Education"


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