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  Pillow Man  
First appearance: Pillows and BlanketsOwned by: Pierce HawthorneUsed by: Pierce Hawthorne
Purpose: To destroy Blanket Town and all it's inhabitants— Made by: Pierce Hawthorne

He is part man, part pillow...all carnage.

The Narrator, "Pillows and Blankets"

It is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction: forged in the middle of a deadly conflict, operated by a morally ambiguous madman, and unleashed onto an unsuspecting student body. Christened Pillow Man by its creator Pierce Hawthorne, it is an unstoppable juggle knob juggernaut created from a combination of pillows and hate and designed to lay waste to anything and anyone in its path. Its first and so far only appearance is in "Pillows and Blankets".


After Troy and Abed have a major disagreement over whether to build a blanket fort or a pillow fort in order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records the two have a falling out which ends up involving the entire school. Sides are chosen, and Pierce eventually allies himself with Abed and Pillowtown. After a poor showing at "The Battle of Big Bulletin Board", Pierce attempts to redeem himself with a weapon design that he presents to Abed. Even the normally emotionless Abed feels a sense of fear and apprehension at the sight of its destructive power. He declares that such a weapon must only be used as a last resort.

Unfortunately, word of the weapon got out, and Troy decided to form an alliance which quickly shifted the advantage in his favor. He enlisted the services of Chang and his handpicked security force known as the Changlourious Basterds. Abed listens to his war adviser Leonard and reluctantly unleashes Pierce's doomsday weapon, Pillow Man. Donning a suit of armor made of pillows, Pierce went off to take down Chang's prepubescent army. He found them in the library ruthlessly attacking a defenseless Pillow Town resident.

With reckless abandon, Pierce rushed at Chang's troops and attacked. Equipped with pillows duct taped to each hand, Pierce mercilessly battered away at his opponents. Surprised by their new foe, the security force beats a hasty retreat. Pierce revels in his victory, but it ends up being short-lived. At the final battle between Pillow Town and Blanketsburg in the cafeteria, the Changlourious Basterds get their revenge. Amidst the crowded sea of humanity fighting each other, Pillow Man lost his footing and fell.

The Changlourious Basterds take advantage and immediately pounce on their hated rival. The Chang security force stopped pummeling Pierce only after Dean Pelton brings an end to the conflict. He announces that neither Pillow Town nor Blanketsburg will be in the "Guinness Book of World Records" due to firing of the representative who proposed their inclusion. Pillow Man has not been seen since, but the memory of his terrifying power will live on in the survivors of the Pillows and Blankets war.

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