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Priority registration

  Priority registration  
First appearance: Modern WarfareOwned by: Jeff WingerUsed by: Shirley
Purpose: to create the perfect class schedule— Made by: Dean Pelton

Does that mean what I think it means?...You could schedule all your classes on a Monday and then take a six day weekend!
— Jeff

Priority registration
The Prize
Priority Registration was the prize of the 2010 Greendale paintball assassination game. Many students tried to claim it risking everything to acquire its incredible power. With it the winner is guaranteed first pick of any classes in the upcoming semester before the rest of the student body. Endless possibilities could be had as they could create and organize a class schedule to their liking. Once Dean Pelton announced it as the reward the Greendale students turned on each other like animals. Its first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "Modern Warfare".


In the study group's first year together at school, Dean Pelton tried to incentivize his students into participating in the annual paintball competition by offering up Priority registration as the prize. He was unaware that this would turn the contest from a simple game to all out war between the students. Jeff had earlier refused to participate until he learned about the prize from Troy and Abed. After reuniting with the the rest of the study group they formed an alliance to survive the competition. However, Troy, Annie and Pierce were quickly eliminated in rapid succession. The remaining group took a brief respite from the game inside the cafeteria.

Shirley asked everyone what they would do with the prize if they won. Jeff admitted he would make his schedule air tight so he could graduate early and Britta wanted to avoid classes with tests or papers. Shirley revealed she wanted Priority registration so she could take classes in the morning and be home early to spend more time with her kids. Britta was moved by her response and suggested if any of them won they would give the prize to Shirley as a Mothers Day gift. Abed agreed but Jeff immediately objected leading to an argument between him and Britta. They were interrupted when a group of paintball players attacked led by a student Jeff nicknamed "Disco Stu".

In the ensuing battle Abed and Shirley were eliminated and Jeff and Britta made their way to the study room. After the two of them had intimate relations, Ben Chang arrived on the scene armed with a powerful paintball weapon. He announced the three of them were the final contestants as he had personally eliminated everyone else. Britta sacrificed herself and managed to shoot Chang at the same time he shot her leaving Jeff the last one standing. After grabbing Chang's paintball gun, Jeff learned that from Chang that Pelton had no intention of giving anyone Priority registration. Jeff narrowly avoided an attempt by Chang to eliminate him with a paintball bomb and went to Dean Pelton's office to claim his reward.

Once he arrived he uses Chang's paintball gun to spray the office with paint forcing Pelton to dive for cover as Jeff sprays the office with paint. Pelton tried to reason with Jeff and offered him DVD player as a reward instead causing Jeff to shoot the consolation prize in response. He then shot Pelton in the head and demanded his prize. The next day at school Jeff arrives to the study group meeting brandishing his hard fought trophy to everyone, an official Greendale Community College Priority Registration document. To Britta's surprise he hands the prize over to Shirley, one of the few participants in the game who played with honor and had a more noble reason for wanting it ("Modern Warfare").

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