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Priority registration

  Priority registration  
First appearance: Modern WarfareOwned by: Jeff WingerUsed by: Shirley
Purpose: to create the perfect class schedule— Made by: Dean Pelton

Does that mean what I think it means?...You could schedule all your classes on a Monday and then take a six day weekend!
— Jeff

Priority registration
The Prize
Priority Registration was the prize of the 2010 Greendale paintball assassination game. Many students tried to claim it risking everything to acquire its incredible power. With it the winner is guaranteed first pick of any classes in the upcoming semester before the rest of the student body. Endless possibilities could be had as they could create and organize a class schedule to their liking. Once Dean Pelton announced it as the reward the Greendale students turned on each other like animals. Its first and only appearance was in the Season One episode "Modern Warfare".


In the study group's first year together at school, Dean Pelton saw the paintball competition go from a simple game to all out war between the students. Gallons of paint were spilled and many students were callously eliminated before a trio of warriors emerged as the last three standing: Ben Chang, Britta and Jeff. A paintball gun duel between Britta and Chang resulted in both of them eliminating each other and Jeff becoming the winner by default. Jeff grabbed Chang's paintball gun as a spoil of war but learned from its owner that despite the grueling conflict everyone endured there was no prize to be had. Dean Pelton had no intention of bestowing such an invaluable boon to any student. Narrowly avoiding a desperate attempt by Chang to eliminate him with a paintball bomb, a vengeful Jeff went to Dean Pelton's office to set things right.

Once he arrives he uses Chang's paintball gun to decimate the place forcing Pelton to dive for cover as Jeff sprays the office with paint. Once Chang's gun runs out of ammo, Pelton tries to reason with Jeff and offers him DVD player as a reward fir winning the competition instead. In response, Jeff shoots the consolation prize and begins to laugh maniacally. An uncomfortable Pelton joins in only to be shot in the head by a hidden gun Jeff had taped to his back. Jeff demands the prize and the Dean resignedly gives in. The next day at school Jeff arrives to the study group meeting brandishing his hard fought trophy to everyone, an official Greendale Community College Priority Registration document. To his and Britta's surprise he hands the prize over to Shirley, one of the few participants in the game who played with honor and had a more noble reason for wanting it. She thanks him, intending to use it for rearranging her class schedule so that she will have more time to spend with her two kids.

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