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Staff/Faculty ID
Portrayed by: BETTY WHITE
First appearance: "Anthropology 101"
Last appearance: "The Psychology of Letting Go"
Date of birth: THE 1920's
Home town: UNKNOWN

Don't be shy, come on up and have a sip. The Yogi of India swear by it's restorative powers...Okay, more of my urine for me.
Professor Bauer, "Anthropology 101"

Professor Bauer
June Bauer
Professor Bauer was the Anthropology teacher at Greendale Community College. She is a world traveler who has studied various cultures around the globe. A somewhat unstable educator, she uses unorthodox methods to teach her students. Her first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Anthropology 101". She later appeared in a brief cameo for the end tag of the episode "The Psychology of Letting Go". She is portrayed by actress/comedian Betty White.

Character historyEdit

At the beginning of the 2010 fall semester at Greendale, Professor Bauer begins her lecture by asking a question about what separates man from animals. When Starburns gives a flippant answer that it's divorce, Bauer shoots him with a blow dart gun causing him to be temporarily paralyzed. With the class now at full attention, she describes in graphic detail what to expect from the course. For their first assignment she asks the students to form tribes. The next day she elaborates on the assignment and reveals that each tribes will be given a box with 9 tools and asked to explain which one is the most important one. When she asks if any student has any questions, Jeff raises his hand but directs his query at Britta. In a reversal of the incident at the 2010 Tranny Dance, he declares his love for Britta and asks her if she loves him back.

  • What separates man from animal?
  • Divorce!
Britta, realizing that he has challenged her to a twisted game of chicken, declares her love for him as well. Bauer expresses her disgust at the cheesy display and then takes a sip of a "restorative" drink inspired by the Yogi of India, a cup of her own urine. The next day, Bauer reluctantly allows Jeff to speak to the class again when he volunteers to present the group's assignment. He tells everyone that the most important tool is actually respect and without it groups or tribes will fall apart. Professor Bauer replies that she has a different opinion. She says that the most important tool is a weapon made up of all the tools. She points an assembled one at Jeff and tells him to try and defend himself with respect while she attacks him with the weapon. She fires but misses her target and hits a window instead.

  • Tastes great and less filling!
  • I'm going to use this to attack you.
  • You use respect to defend yourself.
  • I... respect you?
  • Sweep the leg!
  • That is why you fail!
The professor then moves in for the kill knocking Jeff down and using the weapon to strangle him. As he passes out, the rest of the study group rushes to his aid and Pierce throws a cup of Bauers urine drink in his face to try and revive him. Later, Jeff awakens in the Greendale Student Health Center and learns that professor Bauer had been suspended for her actions and forced to take a leave of absence. Professor Bauer is last seen in Mimpousa, Congo in the end tag of "The Psychology of Letting Go". She is discussing the movie "Inception" with two African tribesmen. The elder tribesman is confused by the movie and also wonders why she is speaking in English to him. She explains that the younger tribesman hadn't seen it yet and she's trying not to spoil it for him.

It was a mislead.


My name is Professor June Bauer. This semester, I will guide you to the very threshold of your humanity where you will lock eyes with the shrieking, blood-drenched, sister-raping beast from which we sprang. You will also have to make a diorama.Professor Bauer
Huh, well that's one answer. Here's the one I had in mind... Professor Bauer

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