PA system

  Public address system  
First appearance: PilotOwned by: Greendale Community CollegeUsed by: Dean Pelton
Purpose: to make announcements to the Greendale student body— Made by: unknown   PHOTO ICON

In campus news, the debate over our school's library PA system continues with some students suggesting that its value be lowered while others question its very purpose.
Dean Pelton

The Public Address System is an electronic system in place at Greendale Community College. It is often used by Dean Pelton to make important (and not so important ) announcements to the student body on campus. As with similar devices, it amplifies words spoken into a microphone which is located in the school's Administrations office. The announcements are then simultaneously broadcast and distributed to anyone within range of loudspeakers located throughout the school. Pelton will also sometimes uses several mobile PA systems in the form of various boomboxes to make more personal announcements where the students gather such as the campus quad or the Cafeteria. A mobile PA system was first seen in the Season One episode "Pilot". A stationary loudspeaker was first seen in the following episode "Spanish 101".

Appearances Edit

Season OneEdit

"Pilot": Dean Pelton uses a boom box to welcome the new students to the 2009 semester at Greendale but fumbles delivering the speech. Announcement:

Uh, good morning! Uh, Many of you are halfway through your first week at Greendale and, uh, as your Dean I thought I would share a few thoughts of wisdom and inspiration. What is community college? Well, you've heard all kinds of things. You've heard it's "loser college" for remedial teens, twenty-something drop-outs, middle-aged divorcees, and old people keeping their minds active as they circle the drain of eternity. That's what you heard, however... I wish you luck! Okay, you know, uh-oh...there's actually more to this speech there is a middle card that is missing. Can we all look in our immediate areas...?

"Spanish 101": Dean Pelton announces a few changes to the course catalog. Announcement:

Good afternoon Greendale Community College! I am your Dean with a few corrections to the Fall class catalogue. "Cosmology" should be "Cosmetology", "Astrology" should be "Astronomy" and, uh, the students on the cover should be smiling but, uh, I suppose that's a matter of opinion. Whoever is growing a small patch of cannabis, congratulations you have won a cruise. Report to security office in order to claim your tickets. In order to increase awareness about homelessness, security has been given binoculars. In campus news, the debate over our library's PA system continues with some students suggesting its volume be lowered while others question its very purpose. More on this story as it unfolds.

Season TwoEdit

  • "Anthropology 101": Pelton uses the PA system to welcome back the returning students and also mentions how Britta embarrassed herself at last year's "Tranny Dance".
  • "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": An extra animated Dean Pelton used a boombox on the cafeteria to announce that designated zones have been established for the students to celebrate the holidays according to whatever faith they have.

Season Three"Edit

  • "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux": Abed points out that Dean Pleton is using the PA system as a way to put out a casting call for parts in his Greendale commercial.
  • "Curriculum Unavailable": A flashback reveals Dean Pelton used the PA system to send a special shout out to the study group.

Season FiveEdit

  • "Basic Story": Dean Pelton accidentally activated the P.A. system and uses the opportunity to ask everyone on campus how they are doing.

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