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Richie and Carl

Richie Countee
  Richie and Carl  
Carl Bladt

  Richie Countee : Brady Novak    Carl Bladt: Jeremy Scott Johnson  
  Status:Best friends  -  First appearance: "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux"

This is Richie and Carl from the school board! That's right, we have names!!
Carl Bladt, "Basic Sandwich"

Carl and Richie
Carl and Richie
Richie Countee and Carl Bladt are Greendale school board members and best friends. Both refuse to take their job seriously having little regard for Greendale, particularly since they both graduated from an Ivy League school. They are rarely seen without each other and are usually found to be in an intoxicated and belligerent state. They will often deliver bad news to Dean Pelton regarding decisions the board makes about the school. Their first appearance together was in the Season Three episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux". Carl is portrayed by Jeremy Scott Johnson and Richie is portrayed by Brady Novak.

Pairing historyEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In the study groups third year at Greendale, Dean Pelton was tasked by the school board with shooting a new commercial to promote the campus. After several weeks of filming, school board members Richie and Carl went to Pelton's office to view the finished product. After watching it they congratulated Pelton on doing a passable job considering it "good enough ". They were unaware that Abed Nadir had completed the project and ignored Pelton's protests that he was not responsible for it. Carl stated that the commercial should last them another sixteen years and was eager to move on to the duos next agenda. Richie suggested it be going to Chumps Rusty Bucket to celebrate. Carl enthusiastically agreed excited about the restaurant's quarter taps ("Documentary Filmmaking: Redux").

3x08-Richie Countee Carl Bladt good enough
Richie and Carl are pleased with the commercial

After that, a riot occurred in the cafeteria during a memorial service for the recently departed Star-Burns. Campus security lead by Ben Chang exacerbated the situation leading to the destruction of the schools Subway franchise. Richie and Carl, along with fellow school board member Chuck Saccardo, headed up an investigation to find out who was at fault. The prime suspects were the study group who had riled up the attendees to the event with hateful rhetoric against the school. Carl and Richie had them brought before the school board to answer to the charges. Just as Jeff Winger was about to defend his study groups actions he was interrupted by the arrival of Ben Chang.

Carl and Richie were pleased by Chang's appearance and warmly greeted him as he gave them a gift basket. Earlier, Chang learned the study group had planned on him taking the blame and he preemptively schmoozed the school board . Jeff tried to object but it was clear that Carl and Richie sided with their friend. The board then heard Dean Pelton's brief testimony unaware he was a doppelgänger hired by Chang. They agreed to his recommendation that the study group be dealt a harsh punishment and Carl announced they were all expelled. He then invited Richie, Chuck and Chang to Chumps Rusty Bucket. Richie was about to leave before he remembered to grab the gift basket leaving behind a stunned study group ("Course Listing Unavailable").

Richie, Carl and Chang
Carl, Richie and Chang

Richie and Carl were later invited to a huge birthday party Chang threw for himself after he took control of the Greendale campus. They congratulated Ben on the new security policies he enacted at school and gave him a shower organizer as a gift. They were in the audience when Jeff and Britta (disguised as the magician "Ricky Nightshade" and his goth assistant) performed a magic trick with Chang as a volunteer. Afterwards, they encountered Dean Pelton and his Chang replacement slap fighting in the hallways. They demanded an explanation from Chang who simply ran away in response. Carl and Richie finally realized they had been duped and began to fear that fallout from Chang's actions could cost them their jobs. They were relieved when Pelton assured them that he would cover up the incident for the school's sake. Carl then suggest to Richie that they go to "Skeeper's for yard margs ("First Chang Dynasty").

Season FourEdit

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Richie and Carl went to the school to check on Dean Pelton's progress in recruiting a recent high school graduate named Archie DeCoste. He was in school administration slang known as a "whale", a rich potential student who was sought after by colleges. Richie and Carl were drunk as usual having just come from Skeeper's. They went to Group Study Room F and were unimpressed with the itinerary Pelton lined up for Archie's visit to the school. Richie was belligerent about his dislike of Pelton's plans while Carl took a more calmer approach to critique it. He asked Pelton to consider stretching the truth about what Greendale had to offer to make the campus more attractive. The Dean refused preferring to let the school's merits speak for itself. Carl allowed him to proceed with his plan but strongly urged him to reconsider for the good of the school. He then left with Richie to get more drinks ("Economics of Marine Biology").

Season FiveEdit

In the study groups fifth year at Greendale, Richie and Carl k n Dean Pelton's office to let him know an insurance liability appraiser will be coming to inspect the school. The next day, Richie and Carl were pleasantly surprised when the insurance agent informed them that Greendale is a valuable asset to the city. Richie and Carl then discussed selling the school which was overheard by the Save Greendale Committee. Carl tells them that a chunk of real estate the size of Greendale can fetch a huge profit. The duo take their leave as Richie suggests to Carl various companies to sell Greendale to. Sometime later it's decided by the school board to accept the Subway corporations offer and the school is slowly converted into a sandwich university. Richie and Carl welcomed a Subway rep to the campus and give him a tour that ends at Dean Pelton's office. They find a naked Dean crying inside and decide to resume the tour later ("Basic Story").

Ben Chang alerts the duo to a plot the Save Greendale Committee has to prevent the sale of the school. They go to the Teachers' lounge where the group was congregating and find it locked. Losing patience with Chang's attempts to open it, Richie charged in and knocked the door down. They found Shirley, Professor Hickey, and a frazzled Peofessor Duncan suspiciously drinking tea. Richie, Carl and Chang interrogate Buzz and Shirley in the study room. When the usual scare tactics fail Richie decides to use his supposed telepathic powers read thier minds. He incorrectly perceives that the rest of group snuck out to an Olive Garden restaurant and a hang glider was somehow involved. His reading is interrupted by Subway associates who found a trap door in the teachers lounge leading to an abandoned sub basement.

Season SixEdit

Richie and Carl appear during the 2015 Fall semester at Greendale having since gotten over losing the Subway deal.


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