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     Save Greendale Committee  
First appearance: RepilotMeeting area: Group Study Room FPurpose: To Save Greendale.
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As our first order of business for the student/teacher Save Greendale Committee, we hereby ban the Dean from attending future meetings.
Jeff Winger, "Introduction to Teaching"

After graduating from Greendale Community College, The Study Group went their separate ways until they were surprisingly reunited. When Abed Nadir learned Jeff Winger had unexpectedly returned to school he reassembled the group, sans Pierce, to join a new "Save Greendale Committee" that was being formed. Although that organization was actually fake, once Jeff accepted a job as a Law professor and the others re-enrolled, a real committee was eventually formed. It consisted of Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Annie Edison, Abed Nadir, Shirley Bennett, and Criminology professor Buzz Hickey. Later members included a returning Ian Duncan, Ben Chang, Frankie Dart and Elroy Patashnik. Troy Barnes was on the committee for less than a month, but left due to other commitments. The "Save Greendale Committee" was first seen in the Season Five episode "Repilot".

Group historyEdit

Season FiveEdit

Although together the Study Group managed to survive four years at Greendale, once they graduated they separately struggled to find their place in the world. Jeff's law firm went under, Britta was a bartender having abandoned her dream of becoming a Psychologist, Troy and Abed were unemployed, Annie was in a dead end job as a pharmaceutical rep, due to a lawsuit Pierce was barred from stepping foot on the Greendale campus, and Shirley had separated from her husband again. In dire financial straights, Jeff teamed up with Alan Connor, an ex-colleague from his old law firm, to help in a lawsuit being leveled against his alma mater. He reluctantly returned to Greendale to find information to help with the case. Jeff tricked Dean Pelton into letting him have access to school records by pretending to form a "Save Greendale Committee".

5x01-Annie Shirley Britta Troy Abed
Give him space, re-piloting can be intense.

News of his return reached Abed who contacted the rest of the study group, except Pierce who couldn't legally attend, for an impromptu reunion. Jeff changed his mind about the lawsuit after being reminded by his friends (and also a hologram of Pierce) about what made Greendale so great. He accepted a teaching position at school and the rest of the study group decided to re-enrol ("Repilot"). Not long afterwards, a grading scandal rocked the campus and caused unrest between the teaching staff and the students. Dean Pelton decided that to keep the peace an actual "Save Greendale Committee" needed to be formed made up of teachers and students. Jeff insisted that his office mate and key figure in the scandal Buzz Hickey be a part of this new organization. Britta, Annie, Abed, Troy and Shirley joined as well. Jeff's first action at the inaugural assembly was to ban Dean Pelton from their meetings ("Introduction to Teaching").

S05E02-Save Greendale Committee first meeting
Save Greendale Committee's first meeting.

One of the first items on the committee's agenda was catching a campus miscreant known as the "Ass Crack Bandit". Psychology Professor Ian Duncan, just recently returned after a leave of absence, officially joined the committee to help. Eventually a shocking suspect is uncovered, Star-Burns who had faked his death years ago. While the committee takes credit for his capture and confession, Jeff gets Star-Burns to admit he isn't the bandit. Any further investigation was halted with the news of a Pierce's death and the real bandit escaped ("Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"). This led to Troy unofficially "resigning" from the committee in order to follow what could be lucrative instructions in Pierce's will ("Cooperative Polygraphy"). His empty seat on the committee is eventually filled by Ben Chang.

5X4 The study group loses another member
The committee loses Troy.

Over the following months, the committee dealt with more mundane matters such as rehanging a board in the cafeteria and staging a mid-term dance ("Analysis of Cork-Based Networking"). They also helped remove all the bones from the football field and decided to give the teachers a 10 minute head start at the job fair ("Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality"). Other school problems they resolved included adding grass to the soccer field, helping to institute beta testing for a new social media app called "MeowMeowBeenz" ("App Development and Condiments") and turning the Women's restroom urinals into planters ("VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing"). Pelton would later ask the committee to put on their agenda getting the school some insurance ("Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons").

5X6 Neil can bear-ly contains his shock
The committee working on the "Bear Down for Mid-Terms" dance.
At the end of the year the committee faced it's greatest test, an inspection of the campus from a insurance liability appraiser named Ronald Mohammad. Although everyone was worried, Ronald's investigation revealed that the committee had improved the school significantly and it was now considered a property asset with actual value. School board members Richie and Carl we're excited by the news and immediately made plans to put Greendale up for sale much to the horror of the committee. The Subway company put in a bid and the school was slowly transformed to be their new sandwich university. The committee members got together in a last ditch effort to save the school one more time. Abed, Annie and Pelton stumbled upon a clue which hinted at a lost treasure hidden in campus by the school's eccentric founder Russell Borchert ("Basic Story").

S05E12-Save Greendale Stars
A sampling of the (weird) tasks the committee completed.

They followed the lead to a computer lab hidden underneath the school and found a still alive yet disheveled elderly Russell Borchert. After being updated on the current situation, Borchert was willing to give millions of dollars he had saved when he went into hiding to help them. However, Richie, Carl and Ben Chang had followed the committee, took the money and locked the door to the lab to prevent them from interfering. Jeff managed to open the entrance by interfacing with the lab's operating system and also found an intriguing document on Borchert's desk. The committee arrived just in time to prevent the sale to Subway and presented Borchert along with his deed of ownership to the school grounds. Unwilling to business with such an unkempt individual, Subway pulled out of the deal and the committee saved the school once again ("Basic Sandwich").

5x13 The Save Greendale Committee triumphant
The Save Greendale Committee does its job.

Season SixEdit

During the 2015 semester at Greendale, the committee was still riding high after having saved Greendale. However, one task they didn't accomplish resulted in the cafeteria roof collapsing. An efficiency expert named Frankie Dart was brought in to help the committee manage the school's affairs better. Although her take-charge attitude rubbed the others the wrong way, they eventually accepted her into the group. She and inventor (and later head of the school's IT department) Elroy Patashnik would replace members Buzz Hickey and Ian Duncan at the study table. Dean Pelton, while still not technically a member, would also be a frequent presence with the group.

S06E02-The new committee
The new Save Greendale Committee.
One of their first big problems they dealt with was an attack ad City College was planning to air against Greendale. When the claims in the commercial proved to be partially true, Annie felt it best the school own up to its mistakes instead of taking the easy way out. This led to a conflict with the other members who were comfortable sweeping the problem under the rug on a technicality. The committee ultimately took the high road as Annie suggested as it was the most pragmatic approach and had the school acknowledge their mistake ("Basic Crisis Room Decorum").

S06E03-Committee reacts to Chang porno
The committee reacting to Chang's own attack video.

Committee membersEdit

Alternate versions of the Save Greendale CommitteeEdit

G.I. Joe CommitteeEdit

5x11 Wingman's squad In the first year of the committee, facing his 40th birthday, Jeff slips into a coma after drinking too much scotch combined with Korean youth pills. While under, he dreams of a world patterned after the 1980's cartoon "G.I. Joe". The committee members appear as characters in this world, some as allied "Joes" and some as evil "Cobras".

First appearance: "G.I. Jeff".


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