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ACL Chang presents to the class the crib sheet
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Pierce and Shirley
Portrayed by Chevy Chase and Yvette Nicole Brown
Pierce and Shirley

They don't even realize how much they need us!

Shirley, "The Art of Discourse"

Shirley has a strained relationship with Pierce, as his boorish behavior is a constant source of irritation to her. She tries her best to put up with his accidentally rascist and bigoted comments as she realizes it's not done out of hate but due to his own ignorance. In their first year together at Greendale he made unwanted advances towards her and also depantsed of her. Although they put that behind them, Pierce's villanous actions in their second year at school led to Shirley and the rest of the study group, since Annie, to vote him out. After meditating all summer at a religious retreat, Pierce returns with a friendlier attitude and is welcomed back to the study group. Later in their thrid year, Pierce and Shirley form a business partnership and open a Sandwhich shop at Greendale.


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