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Shirley and Pierce Art of Discourse

Shirley Season Five
  Shirley and Pierce  
Hologram Pierce

  Shirley Bennett : Yvette Nicole Brown  Friends   Antagonists     Pierce Hawthorne: Chevy Chase  
  Status:Friends  -  First appearance: "Pilot"

They don't even realize how much they need us!
— Shirley to Pierce in "The Art of Discourse"

Pierce and Shirley
Yvette Nicole Brown and Chevy Chase
Shirley Bennett had a strained relationship with Pierce Hawthorne from the moment they both joined the study group. His initial attraction to her followed by his elitist attitude and boorish behavior was a constant source of irritation to her. Throughout their time at school, Shirley did her best to put up with his racist and bigoted comments understanding that it was based mostly on ignorance and not hate. In spite of the rocky start to their relationship the two eventually became business partners and were co-owners of a sandwich shop on campus. When Pierce died, Shirley mourned his passing along with the rest of their study group. At a reading of his will, Pierce left a message for Shirley telling her how much respect he always had for her. Their first appearance together was in the Season One "Pilot". They are portrayed by Yvette Nicole Brown and Chevy Chase.

Pairing historyEdit

Season OneEdit

You are pathological and you will never change.

Huh! That isn't that the pot calling the kettle bl...the kettle...kettle...okay...

–Shirley and Pierce, "The Art of Discourse"

School year synopsis

Pierce and Shirley were both invited to attend a Spanish study group meeting by Abed Nadir. Earlier in class Pierce had made unwanted advances on Shirley and continued to go so at the study session. Pierce seemed completely unaware of his actions despite Troy Barnes and Shirley herself pointing this out to him. Although Pierce's crush on Shirley eventually subsided, their relationship remained strained due to his insensitive behavior. It reached a boiling point when Pierce went too far with a joke and greatly embarrassed Shirley in front of the Study group. A clueless Pierce was unaware of how upset Shirley was and was angry at her for running his joke. Feeling this time he crossed a line she couldn't forgive, Shirley had Pierce kicked out of the study group. However, she soon left the group when they tried to trick her into letting Pierce come back. Ultimately, Pierce and Shirley ended up reaching an accord after finding some common ground in how they were mistreated by their friends. With this new truce in effect they helped Jeff and Britta defeat some high schoolers in an impromptu taunting competition.

Shirley and Pierce Season One
PHOTO ICON[[[[{{{name}}}/Gallery]]/Gallery]]
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"Pilot": Pierce and Shirley are invited to a Spanish study group meeting by Abed.

"Debate 109": Shirley and Pierce attend the Debate competition to support Jeff and Annie.

"Comparative Religion": At her Christmas party, Shirley performed a few songs while Pierce accompanied her on the keyboard.

"Romantic Expressionism": Shirley and Pierce go to Abed's dorm for movie night.

"The Art of Discourse": Pierce goes too far with a joke upsetting Shirley and leading to both of them leaving the study group.

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit


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