Square Sift

Purpose: leaked spoilers  Community association: Photo of a call sheet from Community

It's not the way I want people to see the episode. If they hate it, fine, but they should at least watch it first.
— Megan Ganz response to the leaked call sheet

Sift.jpg was a photo taken of a "Community" call sheet which was uploaded onto the Community Wiki during production of Season Four. The writer of the episode Megan Ganz asked that it be taken down due to the spoilers featured on it. The photo was subsequently removed from the Wiki but was undeleted years later on the anniversary of its original post. It's first appearance on the Community Wiki was on November 22, 2012 and its return was three years later on November 22, 2015.


On November 22, 2012 a Wiki contributor registered as "Bagadonuts99" uploaded a photo onto the site labeled "Sift.jpg". It was a picture of a "Community" call sheet for the Season Four finale "Advanced Introduction to Finality". At the time no episode had even aired yet due to the shows premiere being pushed back from October 19th to February 7th the following year. The sheet contained plot spoilers about the return of The Darkest Timeline characters and paintball. Community Wiki administrator Ultimateatomicbuster posted a question on Bagadonuts99 message wall asking about the photos origin but received no response. Unsure of its veracity, Ultimateatomicbuster posted the image on the "Advanced Introduction to Finality" article page anyway under a section tilted "Possible spoilers".

Bagadonuts99 image
Ultimateatomicbuster took to IMDb's Community fan forum and posted a thread with a link to the photo asking if anyone could verify it as genuine. On another website a user on Reddit started a separate thread on the Community subreddit which also included a direct link to the Wiki photo. This in turn led to yet another discussion post on the LiveJournal fansite "Milady/Milord. Fandom's reaction to the spoilers on the call sheet was mixed with fans both criticizing and defending the use of previous story elements. Community Writer Megan Ganz joined in the Reddit thread authenticating the call sheet and asking that the link to the photo be taken down.

Sift discussion thread
Discussion thread of the Sift.jpg photo
As per her request the link was taken down and the entire Reddit thread was removed. Ultimateatomicbuster sent an email to Ganz's Reddit account apologizing for posting the photo and assured her the file was deleted. Ganz sent a reply back:
Thank you so much for deleting it. I really appreciate it. I worked so fucking hard on that episode and watching people tear it apart based on one-line descriptions of scenes crushed me this morning. It's not the way I want people to see the episode. If they hate it, fine, but they should at least watch it first. Thank you!!!Megan Ganz

Megan Ganz response
Megan Ganz responds.