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Director: Joe RussoWriter: Dan HarmonAired: September 24, 2009 —Season: One — Number: Two
Summary: Jeff tries to win over Britta only to find himself paired up with Pierce for a Spanish class project.


Conflicts like this will ultimately bring us together as an unlikely family.
At Greendale, the Dean is making the usual morning announcements as Jeff arrives late for school in his Lexus. Back in the study room, the group is patiently anticipating his arrival. Britta is annoyed at how everyone is fawning over Jeff and says that they should be more worried about injustices taking place all over the world. She tells an intrigued Shirley and Annie about journalists in Guatemala who have been killed by their government for speaking out. Jeff finally shows up for the meeting and charms them enough so they forgive his tardiness. Britta is unamused at his antics and after the study session is over, Jeff tries to smooth things over with her. She criticizes him for exploiting the group and calls him a cute but selfish narcissist which only ends up encouraging Jeff. Pierce advises him not to pursue Britta so desperately before making a desperate attempt himself to spend time with Jeff.

S101 BFF's
Outside the library, Shirley and Annie ask Britta more about the situation in Guatemala, and she suggests they look up a journalist called Chacata Panecos. She becomes slightly agitated when she overhears their plans for a protest which includes brownies. In the Spanish classroom, the teacher Señor Ben Chang is introducing himself. After a lengthy tirade about why an Asian man is a Spanish teacher, he hands out the new class assignment. The students must pair up, practice a few Spanish phrases in a conversation and then later present it to the class. He divides the class up by giving them each corresponding cards. Jeff asks Abed to switch cards with him after he sees that he is paired up with Britta. Abed agrees, but only if he gets Jeff's shirt. He smugly approaches Britta at the end of class and suggests they have dinner later, believing they are going to be partners. He discovers that she switched her card too, and his partner is actually Pierce.

S101 Chang debuts
"They call me "EL TIGRE CHINO" cause my Spanish knowledge will BITE YOUR FACE OFF!"
Later in the study room, Jeff and Pierce are supposed to working on their assignment, but Pierce insists on trying to bond with him. Meanwhile, Britta is displeased when she sees the overly flashy protest Shirley and Annie have organized. She calls their efforts "tacky and lame" but gets criticized by Shirley for preaching about injustices but not actually doing anything about them. Britta then apologizes and asks how she can help. Back in the study room, Jeff is becoming frustrated at the lack of progress he and Pierce are making on the project. Troy and Abed show up and inform them of the protest Britta is now involved in. Jeff gets angry at Pierce for having wasted his time and leaves. Once outside, Jeff joins the protest which has become a candle light vigil. He quickly finds Britta and she apologizes to him for how judgemental she was of him earlier.

S101 Listen to the sound of silence
Jeff joins Britta for a silent protest.
A drunk Pierce stumbles out of the library and calls out Jeff for how dismissively he treated him. He tries to punch Jeff, but ends up igniting the sleeve of his coat when it touches a protester's candle. He manages to extinguish himself by jumping into a fountain. The next day in the Spanish classroom, Shirley and Annie excitedly tell Britta about how the protest got briefly mentioned in a local newspaper. Jeff arrives and apologizes to Britta for Pierce ruining her protest. She explains that Pierce was only looking to get close to Jeff because he's lonely and sees the study group as an opportunity to be with a family he never had. Pierce then arrives with Chang animatedly discussing something with him.

S101 Fire
Pierce is ablaze with anger at Jeff.
Chang then approaches Jeff to let him know that he will automatically get a passing grade since Pierce and him had a falling out. Jeff declines the offer and convinces Pierce to let him help with the presentation they both created. They deliver a very long and elaborate performance that has very little to do with Spanish. When they finish, Chang gives both of them a failing grade. Afterwards, Britta compliments Jeff for his actions but tells him that there's no way any woman in class who saw the presentation could ever think of him as a viable sexual candidate. Undeterred, Jeff sees hope when he notices that as Britta walks away, she looks back at him. Pierce sneaks up behind him and tells him he did a good job. They walk off together as Pierce gives him advice on improving his performance for the next time.

S101 Wise up
Wise up.

End tagEdit

The first end tag of the show, where Troy and Abed perform the Spanish rap.

Recurring themesEdit


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
  • History lesson: Pierce discusses his past with Jeff including the moist towelette industry, his failed marriages, and his medical condition called "Hyper Virility" which is responsible for him not being able to have children.
  • Google eyes:
    • Britta and Jeff continue to flirt. At the end of the episode she walks away from Jeff but looks back at him which gives him hope that she's still interested.
    • Jeff and Annie refer to each other as milady and milord, nicknames they later use in various episodes that become more significant as the dynamic of the relationship starts to change between them. It also became the inspiration for a live journal fansite dedicated to this particular pairing.
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:
  • A sweet ride: Jeff's Lexus is first seen in this episode when he steals a faculty parking space.

Running gagsEdit

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • A dollop of whipped irony: Pierce tells Jeff not to pursue Britta so desperately because it comes off as too creepy. He then ignores his own advice and asks Jeff to have a drink with him and have what the kids are calling a "sausage fest".
  • Attention students!: Dean Pelton continues to make ridiculous announcements.
  • Awww!: Annie reacts sadly to Jeff mentioning how empty his life is.

Pop culture referencesEdit

List of Pop culture references
References to popular culture in this episode:
  • Name that tune:
  • Product placement: When talking to Jeff about Britta, Pierce mentions the water filter company Brita.
  • Shout out: Annie compares Britta's activism to Jodie Foster and Susan Sarandon.
  • Use you allusion:
    • When Britta tries to explain to Abed the differences between reality and TV, Jeff appears, doing Fonzie's signature thumbs up gesture and catchphrase "A-y-y-y-y!".
    • Jeff calls Pierce "Amigo" which is possibly a reference to his 1986 film "The Three Amigos". Jeff says "And it's called Two Conquistadors, should probably be dos", also possibly refering to the same movie.


Additional notesEdit

  • The opening credit sequence along with the theme song of the show "At Least It Was Here" makes its debut.
  • The show's first end tag debuts with Troy and Abed's "Spanish rap".


You're like Jodie Foster or Susan Sarandon: you'd rather keep it real than be likeable.Annie while asking Britta about Guatemala
Okay, tell me what I've got so far.Pierce
What we have so far? Well, what we have is something incredibly long and very confusing, and a little homophobic. And really, really, specifically, surprisingly, and gratuitously critical of Israel. And it's called Two Conquistadors, should probably be dos. I mean it is Spanish class. Oh, which reminds me, the only thing not included in this epic are the five phrases required to get me a passing grade.Jeff
You're right. Needs more work.Pierce
Conflicts like this will ultimately bring us together as an unlikely family.Abed upon seeing Pierce confront Jeff at the protest
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