Spanish classroom photo 1

  Spanish classroom  

  Purpose : Classroom for Spanish courses  ·  First seen: Spanish 101  
    ·  Visitors: The study group, Ben Chang

I AM A SPANISH GENIUS! In Espanol, my name is "EL TIGRE CHINO"!
Ben Chang

In their freshmen year at Greendale, the study group takes the subject Spanish 101 . The course is taught in the Spanish classroom where they, along with other Greendale students, were instructed in the Spanish language by their teacher Señor Ben Chang, A.K.A. "El Tigre Chino". The room's first appearance was in the Season One episode "Spanish 101" and its last appearance was in "English as a Second Language".


"Spanish 101": Both the Spanish classroom and Señor Chang are both introduced in this episode.

"Advanced Criminal Law": In the classroom, Chang confronts his students about a crib sheet he found containing answers to his last exam.

"Home Economics": Jeff is sleeping in the Spanish classroom with his head tilted back and his mouth wide open. Chang sees Pierce attempting to lob paper wads into Jeff's mouth and encourages him to continue.

"Environmental Science": Chang's separation from his wife caused him to be even more cruel to students. After Annie ignores his orders for the class to stop writing in an exam his is giving, he physically ejects her from the classroom and assigns a lengthy multi-page essay assignment.

"Comparative Religion": Mike Chilada makes an unwelcome appearance in the classroom interrupting a Spanish exam the students are taking to harass Jeff.

"Investigative Journalism": The classroom appears in several of Buddy's flashbacks (and one fantasy sequence).

"Communication Studies": While in Spanish class, Chang mocks Troy and Pierce when they receive Valentin's Day gifts that they obviously sent to themselves. Abed is later shown filming a version of this occurrence in the Spanish classroom for one of his "The Community College Chronicles" short films.

"Basic Genealogy": On the school's "Family Day" event, Chang "welcomes" family members of his students to the Spanish classroom by insulting them. Later, Troy, Britta and Nana Barnes use the empty classroom to administer some corporal punishment. Britta is spanked by Nana Barnes with a switch because Troys grandmother felt she had insulted her. Jeff and Pierce's stepdaughter Amber stumble onto the scene while making out and quickly leave to go to a supply closet for more privacy.

"The Science of Illusion": Annie and Shirley accompany Dean Pelton in their capacity as volunteer security guards to the Spanish classroom in order to investigate a "April Fool's" prank.

"English as a Second Language": In it's final appearance on the show, Chang clears the classroom in order to ask Jeff about how to obtain false credentials for his teacher's license as Jeff did for his Law degree. When an anonymous tip exposes Chang as a fraud he is fired and Dean Pelton shows up to the Spanish classroom to introduce his replacement Doctor Escodera. Later during the Spanish exam finals, the study group leaves the classroom to rescue Annie who went to apologize to Chang for having ratted him out.


The Spanish classroom is furnished with thirty Vicro student desks. A podium and Chang's desk is set up in front of the class. Behind the desk and podium are three chalkboards (originally dry eraser boards). Above the middle board is a pull down projector screen and a P.A. system speaker. An entrance door and an exit door are on one side of the room, separated by a row of cubicles equipped with computers. On the opposite wall are three windows looking out over the parking lot to the college.

The room is also furnished with a few Italian flags possibly indicating that the room is used for other language classes besides Spanish.


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