Student ID
Stacy Lambert
Stacy Lambert
Portrayed by: Erin McGathy
First appearance: "Wedding Videography"
Home town: Greendale, Colorado
Major: Unknown
Occupation: Student
Family: MeeMaw (Grandma), Garrett (husband)

Garrett and I have been seeing each other for 16 months, 2 weeks and 4 days. We met at the student store "Pencils and Such". He was there for the such.
— Stacy, "Wedding Videography"

Stacy Lambert is a student at Greendale Community College who had a whirlwind romance with classmate Garret Lambert. After only dating a little more than a year she and Garrett got engaged and were married soon after. Their happy union was immediately tested when certain facts came to light but ultimately it only proved to strengthen their bond instead of destroying it. Stacy's first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Wedding Videography". She is portrayed by actress/comedian Erin McGathy who in real life was married to Community creator Dan Harmon.

Character historyEdit

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Erin McGathy was "Community" creator Dan Harmon's real life spouse during production of Season Six. They met in 2011 and after dating for several years were wed on November 16, 2014. She has appeared numerous times on Harmon's podcast "Harmontown ". She was also featured in the similarly titled documentary of the same name which chronicled Dan's life after being fired from "Community" in 2012. On October 10, 2015 Erin announced on her Twitter account that she and Dan were getting a divorce.

Dan and Erin wedding day
Dan and Erin on their wedding day.

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