El Star-Burns El Star Prince

"Star-Burns El Star Prince"
Air date: April 22, 2010 — Season: One — Featuring: Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Abed Nadir and Ben Chang
Summary: Star-Buns and Abed's Spanish video project is featured in this two part online exclusive

Up next is the team of Abed and Star-Burns or Team brown skin and body hair which is written on the score sheet.
Ben Chang

"El Star Burns El Star Prince" is a two part webisode series released online during Season One. It features Abed, Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne, Leonard and Señor Chang. In these mini episodes, Star-Burns and Abed teamed up on a Spanish assignment and produced a short video telling the adventures of a space hero. So far these mini-episodes remain exclusive to the web and have not been released on DVD.

The webisodesEdit

Community Starburns El Starprince Pt03:47

Community Starburns El Starprince Pt. 1

   ""Star-Prince Part One""
"He is a hero like no other, born of a beautiful mortal woman but fathered by the burning stars! He is Star-Burns El Star Prince!"
Featuring: Abed, Star-Burns, Ben Chang, Leonard

Star-Burns and Abed present their Spanish project to the class. The video is well received by the everyone except Chang who insists they redo it and include him in a starring role.

Community Starburns El Starprince Pt04:01

Community Starburns El Starprince Pt. 2

   ""Star-Prince Part Two""
"...and he is a man of mystery. Half man, half tiger...enter Señor Tigre!"
Featuring: Abed, Star-Burns, Ben Chang, Leonard

Señor Tigre shows off the new version of Abed and Star-Burns Spanish video project with him in a featured part. This video is loathed by the class including Abed and Star-Burns. Chang is angry at the reaction and summarily gives the entire class a C grade for all their projects.

Recurring themesEdit


Meta references:Edit

  • Use your allusion: Chang calls one of his students "Suzie B. Asian" after the American suffragist and civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony. The female student had criticized the misogyny in the second video Chang produced and starred in.


Behind the scenes videoEdit

Community Ken Jeong - Bleep This01:52

Community Ken Jeong - Bleep This


Community The Spanish Video Assignment Trailer00:35

Community The Spanish Video Assignment Trailer

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