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Student ID
Subway Rick
aka "Rick"
Portrayed by: TRAVIS SCHULDT
First appearance: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"
Date of birth: Technically a week old
Home town: Denver, Colorado
Major: Eating fresh
Occupation: Corpohumanoid

Eat fresh!

When the cafeteria opens a new Subway franchise to replace its coffee house, a new student known as Subway appears as well. Although he is enrolled at Greendale ostensibly as a representative of the Subway franchise, his main purpose is to circumvent school policy which states that a student has to own 51 percent of any business operating for profit on campus. His first and so far only appearance is in the Season Three episode "Digital Exploration of Interior Design". He is portrayed by Travis Schuldt.

Character historyEdit

Dean Pelton introduced Subway (heretofore "Subway") to the Study Group in the cafeteria after the new Subway (heretofore "The Company") restaurant opened. They were predisposed to hostility because the restaurant filled up the location where Shirley had hoped to open her own sandwich shop. Britta was further outraged at the way The Company maneuvered around the law to get their way. Incipient business partners Shirley and Pierce, who stood to profit from a Shirley's Sandwiches on campus, recruited Britta to seduce and use Subway to find a way to force The Company out of Greendale. Despite her initial aversion to Subway and to the plan, Britta was soon overcome by his kindness and socially progressive nature. Subway, in turn, found himself attracted to Britta, a relationship his legal situation prohibits, leading him to compare their situation to the dystopian novel 1984.

3x13-Dean Pelton introduces Subway
Don't ask him to buy you booze

As she continues to fall for him, Britta comes clean to Subway about the plans of Pierce and Shirley and refuses to continue helping them bring down The Company. They become physically intimate but, unknown to Britta, are recorded by Pierce via a wireless microphone hidden in a tube of lipstick. Pierce shares the recording with an executive from The Company who hesitates to sanction Subway because he realizes that corpohumanization can't stop its participants from having hearts. He changes his mind when the recording gets to a part of the encounter that features a specific sexual act that he considers unhealthy and unacceptable. Subway is taken away by other representatives of The Company as Britta professes her love for him.

Afterwards, Britta runs into Jeff and Annie in the hallway and tries to explain what just happened to her. Before she could elaborate further, someone who looks like Subway walks by and Britta calls out to him. When he turns around she sees it's not "Rick" but someone dressed just like him. She apologizes for her mistake but he corrects her claiming to be "Subway". It turns out "Rick" had already been replaced with a new corpohumanoid by The Company. Britta is shocked when he acts as if nothing is different and states while he did enjoy their time in the Pillow fort he didn't care for the deviant sexual act she initiated without his consent. He then kisses her on the forehead and tells her to "Eat fresh!" Before leaving ("Digital Exploration of Interior Design").

3x13-New Subway
Subway 2.0


Using a groundbreaking but surprisingly legal process known as corpo-humanization, real people such as myself are now allowed to represent the collective identity of corporate business owners.Subway
I don't recall seeing Subway in my PreMenopausal Post-Feminist Experiential Marketing class.Britta
Actually I'm on the wait list for the Pre-Men-Post-Fem-Ex-Mark.Subway
I had a great time with you last night in the pillow fort. The one exception being the deviant sex act you initiated without my consent.New Subway

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